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Click in boxes on the right to download text and view maps for The Geology of the Elizabeth Mine, Vermont by Peter F. Howard, 1969: VGS Economic Geology Report #5
Plate 1: Geologic Map of the Strafford Quadrangle
Plate 2: Geologic Map of the Vicinity of the Elizabeth Mine Showing Bedding-Cleavage Relationships
Plate 3: Structural Sections of the Strafford Quadrangle
Plate 4: Longitudinal Section of the Workings of the Elizabeth Mine
Plate 5: Longitudinal Section Showing the Main Orezone and Pits
Plate 6: Longitudinal Section Showing Amphibolite Fold Axes
Plate 7: Map Showing Horizontal Projection of Amphibolite Fold Axes
Legend for Plates 8-27. Mine Cross- Sections between 6300N and 20000N
Plate 8
Plate 9
Plate 10
Plate 11
Plate 12
Plate 13
Plate 14
Plate 15
Plate 16
Plate 17
Plate 18
Plate 19
Plate 20
Plate 21
Plate 22
Plate 23
Plate 24
Plate 25
Plate 26
Plate 27


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