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General Interest and Statewide Publications


Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont, 2011, by N.M. Ratcliffe, R.S.Stanley, M.H. Gale, P.J. Thompson and G.J. Walsh, USGS Scientific Investigations Map 3184, 3 sheets, scale 1:100,000.

Surficial Geologic Map of Vermont , scale 1:250,000, 42"x48.5", 1970. Click here for pdf of the left side and right side.

Centennial Geologic Map of Vermont by Doll, Cady, Thompson, & Billings( bedrock geology), jpg files, scale 1:250,000, 1961-CD-ROM. $10.00. Click here for a pdf of the left half and right half.

Geological Map of New Hampshire and Vermont, 1877, by C.H. Hitchcock (online only)

1861 Geologic Map of Vermont and 1861 Map of the Surface Geology of Vermont in Report on the Geology of Vermont, Vols I and II, Hitchcock et al., 1861

Generalized Geologic Map of Vermont generalized by age of bedrock formations with information on the common rock types, 1970

Generalized Geologic Maps of Vermont, 2013

Glacial Drift Sheet and Ice Directions, 22"x14.5", 1 p.

Generalized Geology of Vermont Postcard, 1970 - on-line only.

Radioactivity Map of Vermont compiled and edited by C.A. Ratte and Diane M. Vanecek, scale 1:250,000, 42"x24", 11 p., 1980, compilation of published references on radioactivity, text plus map

Sand and Gravel Resource Map of Vermont compiled by John Dudley, details sand and gravel deposits, land use exclusion areas, lakes and ponds, 1:250,000, 2 24.5"x36" sheets, 1993, pub. by New England Governors' Conference

Topographic Maps - historic USGS topographic maps available at the UNH Library web site.

Topographic Maps (USGS)

General Geology:

The Geology of Vermont by Barry Doolan, 1996, Rocks and Minerals Magazine, v. 71.

Geology of Vermont, Brewster Baldwin, 1982, Earth Science, v. 35, no. 3, 5 p.

Report on the Geology of Vermont, Vols I and II, Hitchcock et al., 1861

Geology for Children and the Layman, a list of basic publications, internet sites, books, field trips and places to visit

A Brief Fossil History of Vermont and The Charlotte Whale by Jeff Howe (former curator, Perkins Museum of Geology, University of Vermont), 1993, and Fossils of Lake Champlain, 12 p.

Educational Leaflet No. 1: Earthquakes in Vermont, by George Springston and Marjorie Gale, March 1998, 10 p.

Educational Leaflet No. 2: Geology of Vermont Lands, by Marjorie Gale and Ginger Anderson, September 1998, 3 p.

Poster about bedrock maps and their uses

Mineral Resources:

US Dept of Labor Mines Reference File data, revised 8/2003, 8 p.

Gold In Vermont, various articles dating from the 1800s to the present which pertain to gold in Vermont, including prospecting information, revised 10/95, 34 p.

Rockhounding in Vermont (.pdf), Vermont Agency of Development and Community Affairs, general guide for amatuer rock collectors, revised 4/1991, 8 p. LANDOWNER PERMISSION IS REQUIRED FOR ANY MINERAL COLLECTING IN VERMONT.

Specimen Collecting in Vermont, lists whose permission is needed to collect on private, state and federal lands, 1 p.

Oil and Gas in Vermont, various articles dating from the 1950s to the present on oil and gas in Vermont, revised 1989, 29 p.

Metallic and Non-Metallic Mineral Resources Data- Vermont compilations of Mineral Resources Data System Sites. There are 726 records inactive and active non-metallic and metallic sites in Vermont. For internet version go to USGS Mineral Resource Data (Interactive map of active and inactive quarry sites)

Metallic Resources Map compiled by Alan J. McBean, scale 1:250,000, 42"x36", 1985 (map only; see the USGS MRDS web site for all data)

Non-Metallic Resources Map compiled by Alan McBean, scale 1:250,000, 42x36", 1985 (map only; see the USGS MRDS web site for all data)

Construction Aggregates Demand in the New England States, New England Governor's Conference (in cooperation with the US Minerals Mgmt Service), 218 p., 1992

Vermont Laws Pertaining to the Mineral Industry, prepared by Kathleen Plummer, 26 p., 1988


Bibliography of Vermont Geology, 214 p., 2269 references, 1980 (including 1983)

A History of the Vermont Geological Surveys and State Geologists, T.D. Seymour Bassett, 39 p., 1976

Rocks and Minerals, July/August 1996, Vermont Issue, published by Heldref Publications. This issue is devoted to Vermont geology, mineralogy, and fossils.

Rocks and Minerals, September/October 1996 issue published by Heldref Publications. This issue includes a list of minerals found by county and some collecting locations.

Generalized Geologic 
	Map of Vermont - 1970 - click for larger map image

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