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Groundwater is an important natural resource in Vermont. Vermont’s population depends on groundwater for their drinking water supply. Groundwater is also used for manufacturing, agriculture, commercial enterprises, and to support aquatic habitat (“The Status of Groundwater and Aquifer Mapping in Vermont, January 2003” (pdf)). Groundwater is dynamic, responding to internal and external conditions. Groundwater quantity and quality varies with climate, precipitation, overlying land use, and the rock and soil types through which it moves. Vermont's geology, characterized by multiply deformed (folded, faulted, fractured) rock and a variety of unconsolidated glacial deposits, is the vessel for Vermont’s groundwater resources. The Survey focuses on mapping bedrock and surficial deposits and obtaining data about this vessel.

Statewide Analyses of Groundwater

Statewide maps (2009, 2010).
The Vermont Geological Survey compiled and assessed existing datasets (bedrock and surficial maps plus water well, soils and elevation data) related to groundwater in Vermont. Groundwater favorability maps for aquifers in surficial materials are in progress.

Groundwater poster presented at NEGSA, 2014: A GIS-based approach to characterizing Vermont's groundwater resources by M. Gale, G. Springston, J. Van Hoesen and L. Becker.

Water well interference study (Vt Rural Water, 2009): Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

A water use study by Medalie and Horn, 2010, Estimated Water Withdrawals and Return Flows in Vermont in 2005 and 2020: USGS study which identifies areas of increased groundwater use. Contact the Vermont Geological Survey for a copy of the database.
Also see the USGS Water Use web page

A water well data summary was completed in January 2007.

County Groundwater Resource Maps : As part of the statewide analysis of groundwater resources, the VGS is producing county maps at a scale of 1:100,000.

Town Groundwater Resource Projects and Maps ; click here for GIS data

Current reserach in structure, stratigraphy and hydrogeology in the Champlain Valley belt of west-central Vermont. Guidebook article, NYGSA, 2015

Geology, Groundwater and Human Health - Naturally Occuring Elements of Concern (ex. arsenic, radionucliides)
Water Quality in Principal Aquifers of the United States, 1991-2010: USGS Circular 1360
USGS GeoHealth newsletter for human and environmental health issues

Vermont Maps and Reports

New surficial and bedrock maps are the base for derivative groundwater projects. New GIS data, click here.

Town projects/maps index page or use menu at left. Maps include aquifer recharge potential, overburden thickness, flow lines, and buried aquifers.

Environmental Geology Series

Ground Water Favorability Maps 1:125,000 scale reconnaissance maps published between 1966 and 1974

Ground Water Availability Reports 1972-1977 reports from VT Dept. of Water Resources, USGS and USDA

Vermont Geothermal Study - Water well temperature profiles

Groundwater Links at DEC

Water well driller's reports
Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Div. provides subsurface information, yield, depth etc.
Vermont groundwater protection and rules
, Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Div.
Source Water Protection Program,
Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Div.
Waste Management (VT DEC) Interactive Database
2004 Water Quality Assessment Report (pdf) includes a section on Groundwater Monitoring and Assessments, VT Water Quality Division.

Generalized Geologic 
	Map of Vermont - 1970 - click for larger map image

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