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What's New?

October 9, 2015 - Geology, rockfalls and hazard mapping link to WPTZ story following the train derailment in Northfield

September 2015: Digital data (Geodatabase) for the surficial geology of the Woodbury quadrangle (VG2015-3) has been posted.

September 2015 - Field trip guidebook article submitted to the 2015 NYGSA by Kim, Klepeis, Ryan and Romanowicz: Current reserach in structure, stratigraphy and hydrogeology in the Champlain Valley belt of west-central Vermont. Guidebook articles from previous years are available at the NYSGA web site

Recently (2015) released open file reports:

VG15-1: Report on Aquifer and Aquifer Recharge Mapping in the Town of Bristol, Vermont by Jon Kim and George Springston, 2015.
8 plates plus technical report: Plate 1- Bedrock Map; Plate 2- Surficial Map; Plate 3- Wells and Borings; Plate 4- Depth to Bedrock; Plate 5- Hydrogeological Classification; Plate 6- Surficial Aquifer Potential; Plate 7- Well (Bedrock) Yield Map; Plate 8- Recharge, Discharge, and Generalized Groundwater Flow Directions

VG2015-2 Kim, J., Gale, M., Springston, G., Koteas, C., Defelice, C., and Saitta, N., 2015, Bedrock Geologic Map of the Southern Two-Thirds of the Woodbury Quadrangle, Vermont, Washington County, Vermont: Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG2015-2. View on-line Plate 1 (Map - 8 mb pdf) and text or order paper copy for $10.00.

VG2015-3 Springston, George, Thomas, E., and Kim, J., 2015, Surficial Geologic Map of the Southern Two-Thirds of the Woodbury Quadrangle, Vermont, Washington County, Vermont: Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG2015-3. View online Plate 1 (Map-3 mb pdf) and text or order print-on-demand paper copy for $10.00. Digital data (Geodatabase)

Current projects (2015-2016):

Mapping: We have two mapping projects funded through STATEMAP during 2015-2016. These projects are surficial mapping in the Cabot Quadrangle (George Springston, Norwich University) and in the Town of Monkton (John Van Hoesen, Green Mountain College). Groundwater resource maps will also be produced for these areas. Monkton partnered with us to provide in-kind match through conducting the water well location project and arranging for landowner permission for property access.

Groundwater chemistry and health: Groundwater quality sampling, water well logging and analyses in the Champlain Valley, Sutton, and Monkton and at other locations throughout Vermont; till geochemistry for geochemical landscape and water resource applications in the Montpelier one-degree sheet.

Hazards: Landslide hazard analyses for the Town of Highate, including analyses at the landfill; Phase One Landslide Hazard Map for Addison County; Landslide monitoring in Jeffersonville and Smugglers Notch.

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