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ARRA Loan Information for both CWSRF and DWSRF Projects

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 has made it clear that every taxpayer dollar spent on our economic recovery must be subject to unprecedented levels of transparency and accountability.   


RECOVERY.GOV is the U.S. government’s official website providing easy access to data related to Recovery Act spending and allows for the reporting of potential fraud, waste, and abuse.   The Vermont Recovery site is http://recovery.vermont.gov/.  

Pursuant to Title XV, Subtitle A, Section 1511 of the of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) (Pub. L. III-5 - Feb. 17, 2009), the Commissioner of Department of Environmental Conservation must certify each project as eligible for loan assistance and that the infrastructure investments appropriated by ARRA are appropriate uses of taxpayer dollars .  This certification can be found for each project/loan above the Commisioner's signature in the Approval of Construction Loan Application document.  Click on the Town to more information about the project funded.




TOWN Project Number and Name
Barre City AR1-098 Barre City - Pollution Control
Barton AR3-038 Barton Village - Drinking Water
Bennington AR3-045 Bennington Town -Drinking Water
Brandon AR3-017 Otter Valley Union High School District #8 - Drinking Water
Brattleboro AR1-024 Brattleboro Town - Pollution Control
Bristol AR1-026 Bristol Town - Pollution Control
Bristol AR3-008 Red Cedar School - Bristol - Private Drinking Water System
Bristol AR3-009 Bristol Family Center - Bristol -Private Drinking Water System
Burlington City AR1-013 Burlington City - Pollution Control
Castleton AR1-012 Castleton Town - Pollution Control
Castleton AR3-042 Castleton Town Fire District #1 - Drinking Water
Chelsea AR3-046 Chelsea Town - Drinking Water
Colchester AR1-067 South Burlington City - Airport Parkway - Pollution Control
Danville AR3-044 Danville Town Fire District #1 -Drinking Water
Department of Buildings & General Services AR1-015 Department of Buildings & General Services - Pollution Control
Dover AR3-004 Dover Town -Drinking Water
Dummerston AR3-025 Green Mountain Camp, Inc. - Dummerston - Private Drinking Water System
Duxbury AR3-002 Harwood Union High School District #19 - Drinking Water
East Montpelier AR3-011 Orchard Valley Waldorf School - East Montpelier - Private Drinking Water System
East Montpelier AR3-039 East Montpelier Town School District - East Montpelier Elementary School -Drinking Water
Enosburg AR3-048 Enosburg Falls Village - Drinking Water
Essex Junction AR1-004 Essex Junction Village - Pollution Control
Essex Town AR1-001 Essex Town - Alder Brook - Pollution Control
Essex Town AR1-032 Essex Town - Perkins Bend - Pollution Control
Georgia AR3-027 Georgia Industrial Development Corporation - Georgia - Private Drinking Water System
Hartford AR1-006 Hartford Town - Hartford & Quechee - Pollution Control
Hartford AR1-041 Hartford Town - Pollution Control
Hartford AR1-099 Hartford Town - White River Junction -Pollution Control
Hartford AR3-043 Hartford Town - Quechee Central - Drinking Water
Hartford AR3-047 Hartford Town - Hartford Municipal - Drinking Water
Hinesburg AR1-010 Hinesburg Town - Pollution Control
Irasburg AR3-018 Irasburg Town Fire District #1 - Drinking Water
Jay AR1-079 Troy and Jay Towns - Pollution Control
Jericho AR3-030 Jericho-Underhill Water District #1 -Drinking Water
Johnson AR1-011 Johnson Village - Pollution Control
Ludlow AR3-040 Ludlow Village - Drinking Water
Middlebury AR1-043 Middlebury Town - Pollution Control
Middlebury AR3-020 Addison County Community Trust, Inc. - Lindale Mobile Home Park - Middlebury - Private Drinking Water System
Middlebury AR3-034 East Middlebury Fire District #1- Drinking Water
Middlesex AR3-015 Middlesex Town School District - Rumney Memorial School -Drinking Water
Milton AR1-044 Milton Town - Pollution Control
Montpelier City AR1-016 Montpelier City - Pollution Control
Morristown AR3-014:Morristown Corners Water Corporation - Drinking Water
Morristown AR1-003 Morrisville Village - Congress Street Area - Pollution Control
Morristown AR3-023 Morrisville Village (Morrisville Water and Light Water System) - Drinking Water

AR3-041 Northfield Village - Drinking Water

Proctor AR1-054 Proctor Town - Pollution Control
Richmond AR1-057 Richmond Town - Pollution Control
Richmond AR1-058 Richmond Town - Pollution Control
Richmond AR3-003 Richmond Town Fire District #1 - Drinking Water
Ripton AR3-007 Vermont Elks Charities - Silver Towers Camp - Ripton - Private Drinking Water System
Rockingham AR1-007 Bellows Falls Village Corporation - Pollution Control
Rutland City AR1-009 Rutland City - Pollution Control
Ryegate AR3-026 Ryegate Town Fire District #2 - Drinking Water
Saint Albans City AR1-008 Saint Albans City - Pollution Control
Saint George AR3-016 Saint George Town Fire District #1 - Drinking Water
Shaftsbury AR3-051 Shaftsbury Town - Drinking Water
Sharon AR3-006 Sharon Town School District - Drinking Water
Sheffield AR3-029 Sheffield Town Fire District #1 - Drinking Water
Shelburne AR1-062 Shelburne Town - Pollution Control
South Burlington AR1-014 South Burlington City - Quarry Ridge - Pollution Control
South Burlington AR1-067 South Burlington City - Airport Parkway - Pollution Control
South Burlington AR1-070 South Burlington City - Twin Oaks - Pollution Control
South Burlington AR1-071 South Burlington City - Indian Creek & Ridgewood Estates - Pollution Control
South Burlington AR1-072 South Burlington City - Winding Brook - Pollution Control
South Burlington AR1-073 South Burlington City - Harbor Heights - Pollution Control
South Burlington AR3-033 South Burlington Fire District #1 - Drinking Water
Springfield AR1-002 Springfield Town - Pollution Control
Springfield AR3-028 Springfield Town - Drinking Water
Stowe AR3-019 Mansfield View Water Corporation - Stowe - Private Drinking Water System
Thetford AR3-022 Thetford Academy - Thetford - Private Drinking Water System
Troy AR1-079 Troy and Jay Towns - Pollution Control
Troy AR3-005 Troy Town - Drinking Water
Underhill AR3-030 Jericho-Underhill Water District #1 - Drinking Water
Waterbury AR1-005 Waterbury Village - Foundry, Batchelder & Randall Street - Pollution Control
Waterbury AR3-049 Waterbury Village - Laurel Road -Drinking Water
Waterbury AR3-050 Waterbury Village - Blush Hill - Drinking Water
Westminster AR3-032 Westminster Town School District - Westminster Center School - Drinking Water

AR3-001 Whiting Water Corporation - Whiting - Private Drinking Water System

Whitingham AR3-013 Whitingham Town School District - Drinking Water
Wilmington AR3-012 Wilmington Town School District - Deerfield Valley School - Drinking Water
Wilmington AR3-035 Cold Brook Fire District #1 - Drinking Water
Windsor AR3-037 Windsor Town - Drinking Water


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