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Earth Science Week 2004 - Living on a Restless Earth


The week of October 10-16, 2004 was the seventh annual national celebration of Earth Science Week.
The week was a time for geoscientists and organizations to encourage stewardship of the Earth and to share knowledge about the Earth and how it works. The week provides an opportunity to expand public awareness and understanding of geology and its role in water and land use decisions, ecological issues, resource issues, and hazard mitigation. Click here to see the Governor's Proclamation for Earth Science Week 2004.

Earth Science Week is a national project jointly sponsored by the Vermont Geological Society, Vermont Geological Survey at the Agency of Natural Resources, and the American Geological Institute. Numerous other individuals, organizations and businesses sponsor activities during the week. The Vermont Geological Survey focused on hosting and staffing Geologists-in-the-Parks. OMYA, Inc. hosted a successful Open House for the fourth year. Attendance was estimated to be about 800 visitors. The Vermont Marble Exhibit and OMYA were the main sponsors of the poster contest, with support from the VT Geological Society and the VT Geological Survey. The American Geological Institute sponsored national art contests.

Geologists-in-the-Parks hosted approximately 150 students this year at Mt. Philo and Little River State Parks. The students enjoyed hiking and learning how to interpret the landscape and geologic history of the parks. In the photos below, Jon Kim excavates (left) while teachers and students count varves (right) at Little River State Park.

Eleven Vermont students were honored on October 16 as winners of the 1004 Earth Science Week Poster Contest. Entries were judged on creativity, artistic ability and how well the theme of “Living on a Restless Earth” was addressed. The awards ceremony was held at Omya’s Middlebury Quarry Open House.

All winners received a trophy, a mineral or fossil specimen, and a framed Earth Science Week poster. In addition, four First Place winners each received a $50 cash prize, three Second Place winners received $30 cash prizes, and each of the three Third Place winners received $20. The winners were from: Proctor Elementary School, Grades 2 and 4; Barre Town Middle School, Grade 6; Holy Family Catholic School, Grades 3 and 2; Mt. Abraham Union High School, Grade 9; Proctor High School, Grade 10; Edmunds Middle School, Grade 7 (2 winners); and Williston Central School, Grade 5.

A “People’s Choice” award, judged by visitors to the Vermont Marble Museum, was presented this year. The winning entry was from Williston Central School, Grade 6. The winner of the Teacher/Coordinator award, given to the teacher who submits the most student entries, was from Edmunds Middle School. She will receive two North African fossil specimens. The 2004 Earth Science Week Poster contest was sponsored by Omya Industries Inc., the Vermont Marble Museum, and the Vermont Geological Society. For more information, contact Cathy Miglorie (802) 770-7465.

For a list of classroom activities, national contests, and a planning kit for 2005, contact AGI, 4220 King St., Alexandria, VA 22302; 703-379-2480 ext 244 or ext. 227; e-mail

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