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Photogallery of Vermont Geology

Page 5

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View of the Elizabeth Mine, Strafford, VT (2)

Elizabeth Mine, Strafford, VT (2)

Garnet in schist, Strafford, VT (2)

Garnet in schist, Strafford, VT (2)

Fold and fault, Elizabeth Mine, Strafford, VT (2)

Ely Mine, lower flue, from VGS archives

Ely Mine, flue- midway, VGS archives

Ely Mine, VGS archives

Bedding in Gile Mountain Formation, Royalton, VT (2)

Tight folds, Waits River Formation, Strafford, VT (2)

Kyanite, Gile Mtn. Fm., Sharon, VT (2)

Folds, Waits River Formation, Sharon, VT(2)

Tight to isoclinal fold, Waits River Formation, Sharon Rest Area, VT (2)

Kyanite, Gile Mtn. Fm., Sharon, VT (2)

Amphibole in the Standing Pond Volcanics, Pomfret, VT (2)

Gile Mountain Formation (metawacke and schist), Sharon, VT (2)

Crest of esker, Randolph, VT (Wright, 2011)

Bedded lacustrine sand with concretions of calcite-cemented sand, Randolph, VT (Wright, 2011)

Laminated silt/clat varved lacustrine deiment, Randolph, VT (Wright, 2011)

Bedding, Waits River Fm., Snows Brook, Randolph, VT (Wright, 2011)

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Photo credits: (1) M. Gale; (2) J. Kim; (3) G. Springston

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