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Waste Prevention in Vermont
DEC Planning Process




Vermonters do a pretty good job recycling their paper, cans, and bottles. About 30% of our waste is diverted through recycling and composting. These efforts reduce greenhouse gases, save energy, and conserve natural resources.

Yet in Vermont, we are actually disposing of more waste than ever. From 2000 to 2005, the amount of material that we threw away increased by some 7 percent, or 75 million pounds. In fact, in 2005, Vermont’s trash and recycling was enough to fill about 30,750 tractor-trailer trucks lined end-to-end the length of Vermont and back.

Remember: The greatest environmental benefits are achieved when we prevent waste from being generated in the first place; even greater than when we recycle.


Kick-off Waste Prevention Forum:
A Waste Prevention Forum on April 12, 2007 launched this stakeholder process to identify opportunities to reduce it

On-going Efforts:
In Spring 2007, a group of stakeholders representing waste generators from a wide range of sectors -- from businesses, institutions, government, non-profits, consumers etc…. formed the Waste Prevention Steering Committee to develop strategies to reduce the amount of materials Vermonters discard.
The end result of the stakeholder-driven process will be to create a measurable Waste Prevention Work Plan, which will form the basis for the update to the Vermont Solid Waste Management Plan.

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Waste Prevention Stategic Planning Process












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