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The Solid Waste Program is responsible for collecting and assessing waste diversion and disposal data; updating and communicating materials management strategies and requirements for the state solid waste districts; educating stakeholders and the public about the materials management requirements; coordinating with industry, solid waste districts, non-profits, state agencies, and other stakeholders about material management practices; preparing status reports and recommendations to the legislature; and other duties necessary to plan and implement sustainable materials management in Vermont. The Solid Waste Program is also responsible for facilitating the Vermont E-cycles Program, the Mercury Education & Reduction Campaign, and the Paint Stewardship Program. More information about Universal Recycling, related laws, and programs can be found below.


Vermont Solid Waste Initiatives

Universal Recycling

Universal Recycling (Act 148) is the new solid waste legislation that focuses on recyclables and organics. It will provide convenience and choices for solid waste generators, including individuals, and will lead to more consistent services throughout the state.

Vermont Organics Partnership

VOP is a workgroup focused on identifying and addressing the challenges and logistics of the organics portion of Universal Recycling.

Materials Management Plan

The MMP is the plan that defines goals and performance standards for materials management (waste management) in Vermont. It defines the responsibilities of the State and of local solid waste management entities in meeting these goals.

Municipalities looking for information on planning, writing, and adopting a new Solid Waste Implementation Plan (SWIP) can also be found on this page.

Committees and Working Groups: Present and Past

Active Groups

Solid Waste Infrastructure Advisory Committee
A solid waste bill signed in 2014 called for a stakeholder process to review the State's solid waste infrastructure as it relates to new Universal Recycling material mandates. Section 7 of Act 175 outlines the tasks required of this committee, including a final report to the legislature to be presented in January 2015.

Beyond Waste Advisory Group
A strategic intiative stemming from Vermont's zero waste goals: this group is focused on bringing together a broad stakeholder group to determine Vermont-specific priorities for dealing with challenging waste materials.

Past Groups

District Managers Working Group
The Vermont District Managers Group works with ANR on issues such as, examining the statewide economic structure of solid waste management, looking at the infrastructure needed to move forward and to provide equitable solid waste management services statewide.

Solid Waste Working Group

Section 293b of the 2007 Budget Bill passed by the Vermont Legislature required the Agency of Natural Resources to convene a solid waste working group to examine ANR's Solid Waste Report to the Legislature (January 2008) and to develop proposals and recommendations to implement and improve upon the Report, including best management practices. The working group was not limited to those matters addressed in the Report. The working group was required to report to the House and Senate Committees on Natural Resources no later than January 15, 2009.

Compost Study Committee
The Vermont Legislature passe
d Bill H.873 in 2007 requiring the Agency of Natural Resources to convene a solid waste working group to examine all state regulations pertaining to composting and to develop recommendations for the construction, operations and permitting for composting facilities. The working group is required to report to the House committee on fish, wildlife and water resources, the Senate committee on natural resources and the House and Senate committees on agriculture by January 15, 2009.


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