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Recent Spills of Note

Oil in Averil Pond

April 2010, Averill -  Oil in Averill Pond.

A 55 gallon drum of heating oil was being stored at a camp on Averill Pond. The drum rusted through releasing the oil into the ground and it spread from there into the pond.

Fuel oil in Tinmouth Lake

April 2010, Tinmouth  -  Fuel oil in Tinmouth Lake.

The oil leaked from a residential heating oil tank and then into Tinmouth pond.
Both sorbent and containment boom were used to control the oil slick.

Heating oil on frozen ground

December 2009, Shelburne -  Heating oil on frozen ground.

The oil spilled from above ground 275 gallon fuel tank when one of the tank legs failed causing the tank to fall on its side. The failed tank is visible in the background.

Oil in drilled bedrock supply well

October 2009, East Montpelier - #2 heating oil in a drilled bedrock drinking water supply well. 
The oil leaked from the homeowner’s underground fuel oil tank then migrated through the soil and into the nearby drinking water well.  The amount of oil that made its way into the well was over two feet thick as shown by the bailer leaning against the well casing.

Large diesel spill in snow at a ski area

February 2009 Jeffersonville -  Large diesel spill in snow at a ski area. 
Diesel fuel for snowmaking equipment leaked onto adjacent snow covered areas. 
The fuel-stained snow was recovered with a front end loader.



A brief report in photos from Ted Unkles: Hartford Tire Warehouse Fire - November 2, 2008

Fairlee, still more than 20 miles from Hartford/WRJ


This photo shows only one aerial water line, but they had two going all the time I was there. Additionally, they had between 8 and 12 lines spraying water from the ground level. This photo shows only two, coming from the right side. It was a very large warehouse; this photo encompasses less than half of the building.

The fire dep’t built this dike to contain the runoff, and the booms & pads did a good job of catching the oily scum on the top of the runoff water

The problem was that a lot of the contamination was emulsified in the water and was therefore not floating to the surface. Since the fire dep’t was pouring on more than 10,000 gallons per minute, it was not possible to completely control this runoff. They did everything they could have under the circumstances, but obviously a lot of runoff reached the White River. I told the fire chief the best way to minimize the environmental damage was to get this fire out as quickly as possible.



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