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Air Quality & Climate Division Permits to "Operate"

Subchapter X of the Vermont Air Quality & Climate Division Regulations (Regulations), which became effective on March 31, 1995, established the requirements for an operating permit program. The basic requirements for this program were specified in Title V of the 1990 Federal Clean Air Act Amendments and within regulations promulgated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) at Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 70. The operating permit is intended to incorporate all the applicable air pollution requirements a facility is subject to and incorporate reasonable measures to ensure compliance with those requirements. Activities subject to the operating permit program were required to submit an administratively complete operating permit application by March 31, 1996. New sources subject to the operating permit requirements must submit their application within 12 months of becoming subject to the requirements of Subchapter X of the Regulations. Whereas construction permits are good for the life of the project (provided no modifications are made), the operating permit must be renewed every five years to incorporate any new requirements that may have been adopted in the interim.

List of available documents [in Portable Document Format (PDF) unless otherwise noted]:

  1. Operating Permit Application Requirements

  2. Operating Permit Opt-Out Application Requirements

  3. Certification of Information Accuracy and Consent for Access to Property Form

  4. Transfer of Ownership Permit Application Form
    Transfer of Ownership Permit Application Form

  5. Operating Permit Application Checklist for Complete Application

Large sources of air contaminants [50 tons per year (tpy) of VOCs or 100 tpy of any other air contaminant] or major sources of federal hazardous air pollutants [10 tpy of any individual HAP or 25 tpy total HAPs] are classified as "Title V subject sources" and are subject to the full provisions of Title V of the 1990 Federal Clean Air Act Amendments and the regulations promulgated there under, including U.S. EPA oversight of the operating permit. See Subchapter X of the Vermont Air Quality & Climate Division Regulations for more information. For each Title V facility below, the Agency maintains a notification list of people interested in being notified of the issuance of draft, proposed and final permits.  If you would like to be added to the permit notification list for a specific facility please email Doug Elliott the following information:  the facility you are interested in, your full name, company affiliation (optional), either your mailing address or email address, and your telephone number (optional).


Operating Permits for Title V Subject Sources and/or Major NSR Construction Permits


ISSUED Title V Operating Permits and Major NSR Construction Permits





Agri-Mark, Inc.


Final Permit  (issued 11/10/2014)

Technical Support Document

Beaver Wood Energy Fair Haven, LLC

Fair Haven

Final Permit  (issued 02/10/2012)

Technical Support Document

Final Permit- Extension (Issued 2/2/15)
Technical Support Document

Response to Comments

Burlington Electric Department (J.C. McNeil Electric Generating Station)


Final Permit  (issued 02/2/2009)
Technical Support Document

Churchill Coatings Corporation North Springfield

Final Permit  (issued 02/06/2008)

Technical Support Document

Ethan Allen, Inc. (Beecher Falls Division)

Beecher Falls

Final Permit (issued 05/02/2014)

Technical Support Document

Ethan Allen, Inc. 

(Orleans Division)


Final Permit  (issued 05/11/2015)
Technical Support Document

FiberMark North America, Inc. Brattleboro

Final Permit  (issued12/23/2014)

Technical Support Document

HBH Holdings,LLC. 

East Arlington

Final Permit  (issued 02/6/08)

Technical Support Document
Transfer of Ownership

New England Waste Services of Vermont, Inc. (Landfill) 


Final Permit  (issued 06/24/2008)

North Springfield Sustainable Energy Project


Final Permit  (issued 04/19/13)

Response to Comments
Technical Support Document

Omya, Inc. 

(East, Verpol and Cogeneration Plants)


Final Permit  (issued 10/26/1999)

Responseto Comments
Technical Support Document

Final Permit to Construct- for LNG (issued 5/24/2013)

PPL Renewable Energy, LLC


Final Permit (issued 07/12/2012)

Rock-Tenn Company - 

Sheldon Springs

Final Permit (issued 11/12/2014)

Technical Support Document

Ryegate Power Station

East Ryegate

Final Permit (issued 05/16/2011)

Technical Support Document

DRAFT AND PROPOSED Title V Operating Permits and/or Major NSR Construction Permits


None Currently




Last Updated:June 9th 2015


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