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Narrative Portion of the SIP

Adopted by State of Vermont & Approved by EPA

What are SIP narratives?

State regulations adopted as part of the SIP represent the most directly enforceable part of the SIP. In addition to the regulations contained in the SIP, clarification of non-regulatory policies and a description of the reasons for many of these SIP regulations are contained in a "Narrative" document which has also gone through notice and public hearing (usually at the same time that SIP regulations are being adopted). The narrative portion of the SIP contains a description of the air monitoring network, summaries of air quality data monitored, discussion of non-attainment history (if any), brief descriptions of inventory efforts either required by the federal Clean Air Act or which are incorporated as part of regional ozone strategies, and discussion of the approach to implementation of the particular regulations which have been adopted to control sources of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOC) as part of the regional ozone control strategies. Finally, the narrative contains detailed discussion of the approach to implementation of the new source review (NSR) regulations and procedures.

For more information on the SIP narrative click here.




Last Updated: 8/1/14


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