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Update January 7th 2014

The Agency of Natural Resources recently adopted amendments to the Vermont CO2 Budget Trading Program Regulations effective November 14, 2013. For more information,

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) is a cooperative effort by nine Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states to limit greenhouse gas emissions. The nine states participating in RGGI -- Connecticut , Delaware , Maine , Maryland , Massachusetts , New Hampshire ,New York , Rhode Island , and Vermont -- are implementing the first mandatory cap-and-trade program in the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Through independent rules and/or regulations (based on the " Model Rule ") each state limits emissions of CO2 from electric power plants, creates CO2 allowances, and establishes participation in CO2 allowance auctions. The regulations apply to fossil fuel-fired electric generating units that have with a nameplate capacity of 25 megawatts or greater. Regulated power plants may use a CO2 allowance issued by any of the ten participating states to demonstrate compliance with an individual state program.

In addition, CO2 offset allowances may be used to demonstrate compliance. A RGGI CO2 offset allowance represents a project-based greenhouse gas emission reduction outside of the capped electric power generation sector. At this time, the RGGI participating states limit the award offset allowances to the following five project categories: 

  • Landfill methane capture and destruction

  •   Reduction in emissions of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) in the electric power sector.

  •   Sequestration of carbon due to afforestation;

  • Reduction or avoidance of CO2 emissions from natural gas, oil, or propane end-use combustion due to end-use energy efficiency in the building sector

  • Avoided methane emissions from agricultural manure management operations.

To obtain offset application materials for offset projects located in Vermont , please email:


Vermont CO2 Budget Trading Program Regulations

Accredited Offset Verifier Pre-Engagement Disclosure Submittal

Offset Verifier Application for Accreditation


More information about RGGI, the participating states, CO2 allowance auctions, and offsets is available at:



Current HazeCam photo, Burlington VT looking across Lake Champlain

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