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Vermont Governor, Peter Shumlin, speaks to the importance of climate change and Vermont's role in ensuring future generations do not inherit the negative side effects of our country's greenhouse gas emissions.

March 17, 2011

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Climate change presents a challenge to the natural resources and ecosystems which make Vermont unique. Landscape responses to our distinct seasons support local businesses such as maple sugar producers; provide residents and visitors alike with winter sports opportunities; and create the green mountains of our summers and vibrant colors for which our autumns are famous. Our native fish, wildlife and plants are vulnerable to climate-related changes.

Greenhouse gas emissions associated with human activities are contributing to changes in the climate, both here in Vermont and globally. As a state, Vermont has established aggressive goals of reducing emissions from 1990 baseline levels as follows: 25 percent by 2012; 50 percent by 2028; and, if practicable using reasonable efforts, 75 percent by 2050.

Latest Vermont Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory (Vermont ANR)

What's New?

12/11/2014 Flood Ready Vermont launches - a central online resource for flood-related information, and guidance on how to better prepare for natural disasters.

6/9/2014 VT Zero Emission Vehicle Action Plan - Vermont is working with seven other states on a groundbreaking initiative to put 3.3 million zero emission vehicles on the roads in these states by 2025.

4/22/2014 Spring 2014 Climate Connection Newsletter! Read about the UVM farm resilience study, net metering, the White House Task Force on Climate Readiness, RGGI and the Upper Valley Adaptation Workgroup...

12/5/2013 The 2012 greenhouse gas projections have been released. Click here to learn more.

10/4/2013 Fall 2013 Climate Connection Newsletter! Read about invasives species, the VT Home Energy Challenge, Resilience in Vermont and new environmental legislation...

9/16/2013 realease of the new Vermont Climate Change Adaptation Framework report. Find it on the Library Page.

5/1/2013 Spring 2013 Climate Connection Newsletter! Read about the Vermont-Quebec Electric Vehicle Corridor, Senator Sanders' Climate Conference, Environmental Health Tracking and more!

3/12/13 New Transportation Adaptation White Paper. Visit the Adaptation Page to find out more.

1/31/13 Winter 2012/13 Climate Connection Newsletter! Read about the latest greenhouse gas inventory, electric vehicles, vulnerability assesments, and more!

8/7/12 Summer 2012 Climate Connection Newsletter! Read about new legislation, local events, weather extremes of 2012, and more!

4/13/12 Fish and Wildlife White Paper has been added to the Adaptation page.

1/26/12 Tropical Storm Irene took it's toll on Vermont's environment and infrastructure. Click here to see the damage to our rivers, forests, wildlife, infrastructure and more.

7/6/11 Read about Vermont's new smart grid, climate change adaptation, implications of climate change on our aquatic critters, the effects of climate change on the maple industry and more in our latest Climate Connection Newsletter!

6/20/11 Climate Change in Vermont: An overview of the science behind the white papers now available here.

5/26/11 New Jersey announces its withdrawl from RGGI. See Governor Shumlin's response.

5/25/11 Posted the State Climate Change Adaptation Project RFP. Click Here.

5/18/11 Published the Climate Change and Recreation Adaptation White Paper.

5/17/11 Gov. Shumlin Announces the formation of the Vermont Climate Cabinet. Press Release, Executive Order



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To help achieve these goals, the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources has assembled a climate change team. Our team is working to identify climate-related threats, develop solutions and implement steps to help us mitigate impacts and incorporate adaptation strategies where necessary to benefit people and the environment in Vermont, our region and the world.
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