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  About us

The Climate Change Team is made up of members from various ANR divisions and departments with the following mission:

“To facilitate enhancements to existing  programs to promote sustainability, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve waste reduction, implement adaption and mitigation methods and advance related economic opportunities”

Working duties of the team include:

  • Program Planning & Development. 
    Collect and analyze data to determine problems and concerns associated with climate change and develop short and long term plans and policy recommendations to the Agency to mitigate these concerns.
  • Liaison with other Agencies. 
    Coordinate the activities of other agencies and organizations  in their efforts to accomplish reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Performance Metrics, Benchmarks and Reporting.
    Develop performance metrics and benchmarks which will allow accurate and consistent reporting of activities toward achieving Vermont’s greenhouse gas goals. 
  • Communication and Coordination. 
    Facilitate communication and coordination with EPA, other states, the regulated community, and other stakeholders to foster partnerships to achieve environmental results.
  • Promoting Renewable Energy and Efficiency. 
    The team will work to identify and to take advantage of opportunities for the public and private sector to increase their energy efficiency or use of clean forms of renewable energy. 
  • Marketing and Branding. 
    An important element of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will be marketing and branding desired practices. 
  • Outreach and Education. 
    Continue public outreach to explain climate changes, impact on our future environment, and actions that can be taken to reduce an individual and business’s carbon footprint. 
  • Adaptation and Mitigation Planning. 
    While goals for greenhouse gas emission reductions have been adopted, a need exists to understand what changes in climate are expected to occur, to identify their potential impact, and make recommendations on policies and planning to adapt to these expected changes.
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