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There is a growing scientific consensus that increasing emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere are affecting the temperature and variability of the Earth’s climate.  Recognizing the profound implications that global warming and climate variation could have on the economy, environment and quality of life in Vermont, Governor Jim Douglas issued Executive Order 07-05 establishing the Governor's Commission on Climate Change (GCCC) and asked it to:

  • Examine the real and potential effects of climate change on Vermont, including, but not limited to the impact of climate change on public health, natural resources and the economy;     
  • Produce an inventory of existing and planned actions that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions in Vermont    
  • Educate the public about climate change and develop educational tools that will help Vermonters understand how they, as individuals, can play a role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions;     
  • Request input from representatives of the business, environmental, forestry, transportation, non-profit, higher education, municipal and other sectors regarding opportunities to reduce emissions and conserve energy; and     
  • Develop recommendations to the Governor to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Vermont, consistent with Vermont’s need for continued economic growth and energy security. 

The Governor further asked that these recommendations, and all other pertinent information, be included in a Climate Change Action Plan to be submitted to him in October 2007

In order to gain input and assistance from a broad cross-section of Vermont life and the state’s economy in fulfilling this task, the GCCC and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation convened a large Plenary Group and retained the Center for Climate Strategies (CCS) to provide evaluative facilitation. The Plenary Group was asked to consider, evaluate, quantify, and compile a full, multi-sector set of recommended policy options for the GCCC’s consideration and approval in making its final recommendations to the Governor.  The aim of this carefully structured, comprehensive process was to focus the expertise and diverse perspectives of the members of the Plenary Group on finding meaningful solutions that fit Vermont’s unique needs and circumstances.   

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An initiative of Governor Jim Douglas

The Governor's Commission on Climate Change has delivered its
Final Report to Governor Douglas.

To learn about both the GCCC and Plenary Group Reports click here.
Tips to reduce your household Greenhouse Gas Emissions impact can be found in Appendix 4 of the GCCC Report.

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