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Vermont Government

Climate Change Team



Governor’s Executive Orders

Governor’s Commission on Climate Change (est. 2005, final report issued 2007)


Complete Archive of the Governor’s Commission on Climate Change Website

Climate Change Transition Team Report – October 2008

The multi-agency Climate Change Transition Team draft work plans for the activities identified in the Governor’s Commission on Climate Change report.

Climate Change Oversight Committee  (est 2008; final report 2/2010)

Climate Neutral Working Group

Archive of the CWNG Biennial Reports

State Agency Plans

Vermont Climate Change Presentation

A 12-minute narrated  slideshow explaining the basics of climate change science, the potential  effects on Vermont and some actions to take 


Vermont Green House Gas Video


Other Links


Renewable Energy Atlas

The Atlas is the first tool of its kind in the United States – a GIS-based web application that enables users to choose their town or county and then select from a suite of renewable energy options including biomass, efficiency, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar, and wind, The Atlas then identifies, analyzes, and visualizes existing and promising locations for renewable energy projects.

Educational Links


Name Media Type Description

GHGs & The Greenhouse Effect


(2008 Science On The Green) Educational module that explains the Greenhouse Effect.

Global Climate Change -
Science & Sources


(2008 Science On The Green) Explore the basic science of climate change, and learn about greenhouse gas emission sources.

Global Climate Change -
Signs & Symptoms


(2008 Science On The Green) Learn about climate change signs that scientists are seeing around the globe and in VT.

Global Climate Change -
Strategies & Solutions


(2008 Science On The Green) Find out ways you can reduce GHG emissions from activities at home, school, the store & on the road.

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