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At IBM, it was a collaborative effort that resulted in the development of a unique coater bowl cleaning operation. Coater bowls are where coatings are applied to microchips. The new cleaning process uses glacial acetic acid instead of more traditional organic solvents. Use of glacial acetic acid has three primary benefits. It reduces the quantity of chemicals required to clean the bowls by 97 percent, reduces the quantity of waste generated by the same percentage, and allows for process wastes to be treated on-site in an existing biological wastewater treatment system.

Stratton is a four-season destination resort that attracts nearly 600,000 visitors each year. In time for the 1999-2000 ski season, Stratton spent $250,000 to remove the old cobblestone village walkway and replaced it with an exceptionally fuel-efficient and innovative underground radiant heating system. The heated walkway helps protect upland streams and fish habitat by preventing the release of sand and salt into these sensitive and fragile ecosystems.

At Tivoly, a tool-making company located in Derby Line, the environment has always been a key concern. In efforts to go beyond compliance with regulations part of the Clean Air Act, Tivoly in 1998 invested $600,000 to prevent the generation of barium exhaust from its salt bath operation used to harden metal pieces. Making prevention the strategy of first choice, the company eliminated its salt bath heating process in favor of a modern vacuum furnace that now serves to harden the metal pieces -- with no barium exhaust.

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