Just as you buckle up your children every time you get in a car, there are dozens of ways to protect children from environmental health threats. Honor your commitment to this generation of young people by using these simple EcoLogical Solutions...

Help children breathe easier

Protect children from lead and mercury poisoning

Protect children from carbon monoxide poisoning

Keep pesticides and other toxic chemicals away from children

Protect children from too much sun

Safeguard children from high levels of radon

Protect children from contaminated fish and polluted water

To learn more about simple ways you can safeguard the health of your family and protect Vermont's environment, visit the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources' EcoLogical Solutions website at http://www.vteco.com or call 1-800-974-9559 to request the EcoLogical Solutions brochures.


Download and print an environmental health tips poster!

The poster is available as a PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) file. Please visit the Adobe Acrobat Web page if you need information on using PDF files or require a free copy of Acrobat Reader. After Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer, download the PDF file here.