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Climate Change and Vermont

image: world map: Climate Change and Vermont
Climate Change Science -
Vermont State Government Actions -
Vermont GHG Emissions -
Other Climate Change Links -
Actions You Can Take - External Link Carbon Footprint Calculator - External Link

Ecological Solutions

Ecological Solutions

Simple ways we can help Vermont's environment every day:

Automotive Maintenance
Children and Our Environment
Global Warming
Hazardous Waste
Lawn and Yard Care
Non-toxics for the Home
Solid Waste
Vermont's Forests
Vermont's Lakes and Rivers
Vermont's Wildlife
Water Conservation


VEEP (Vermont Energy Education Program) External Link

VEEP provides training and curriculum materials for Vermont teachers on the topics of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and conventional energy sources. VEEP also provides programs for community and church groups, libraries, and museums upon request. This website also provides carefully selected links to a wide range of other online resources.


Vermont Governor's Commission on Climate Change External Link

VT Governor's Commission on Climate Change


EPA logo - Climate Change - What you can doEPA web sites

Climate Change - What You Can Do

What You Can Do at School

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