State of Vermont
Agency of Natural Resources
Department of Environmental Conservation
Compliance & Enforcement Division
Press Release

August 10, 2006
Clarence Brown, Inc.

WATERBURY- Agency of Natural Resources Acting Secretary Canute Dalmasse today announced that the Enforcement Division has formally settled environmental violations involving Clarence Brown, Inc. Clarence Brown, Inc. owns a bulk fuel storage facility and a recycling facility in St. Albans, and formerly operated a gasoline station in St. Albans Bay. The settlement includes a $17,500 supplemental environmental project.

Gasoline contamination has been documented at the former gasoline station and on adjacent property. Contamination is suspected at the bulk fuel storage/recycling facility as a result of improper management of lead acid batteries and lead and copper casings.

The matter came to light as a result of routine Agency oversight. The Agency requested Clarence Brown, Inc. to conduct site investigation activities and potential corrective at both sites, however, Clarence Brown, Inc. failed to respond. An Administrative Order requiring Clarence Brown, Inc. to conduct any necessary investigation activities and corrective action was issued in November 2005.

Clarence Brown, Inc. then agreed to settle the matter via an Assurance of Discontinuance which was so ordered by the Environmental Court on August 7, 2006. In it, Clarence Brown, Inc. agreed to retain a consultant and conduct the necessary site investigations and corrective action at both facilities. It was also agreed to fund a $17,500 supplemental environmental project.

Involved Program: Hazardous Materials Program, Waste Management Division of the Department of Environmental Conservation
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