State of Vermont
Agency of Natural Resources
Department of Environmental Conservation
Compliance & Enforcement Division
Press Release

October 11, 2006
Town of Randolph

WATERBURY- Agency of Natural Resources Acting Secretary Canute Dalmasse today announced that the Enforcement Division has formally settled an environmental violation involving the Town of Randolph. The settlement includes a $4,500 supplemental environmental project.

Through the Agency's investigation, it was discovered that prohibited materials were burned at the municipal open burn site. The burn area was accessible to the public and generally unsupervised during burning, thereby allowing prohibited materials to be added to the burn pile. Investigation also revealed that the town had disposed of brick and concrete without the necessary permit(s).

The matter came to light as a result of a citizen complaint that was investigated by Environmental Enforcement Officer, Don Gallus. As a result of the investigation, the town modified its operating procedures at the burn site to prevent further violations, and properly disposed of the stockpiled brick and concrete. The town also agreed to settle the matter.

The settlement was reduced to an Assurance of Discontinuance and was so ordered by the Environmental Court on September 28, 2006. In it, the Town of Randolph agreed to comply with applicable rules and regulations. It was also agreed that a $4,500 supplemental environmental project will be funded.

Involved Program: Air Pollution Control & Waste Management Divisions of the Department of Environmental Conservation

Environmental Enforcement Officer: Don Gallus
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