State of Vermont
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Press Release

March 05, 2008
Discount Fuels, Inc.

WATERBURY- Agency of Natural Resources Secretary George Crombie today announced that the Enforcement Division has formally settled an environmental violation involving Discount Fuels, Inc. This company is a small retail fuel oil delivery business located in Rutland. The settlement includes a total payment of $28,000.

Through the Agency's investigation, it was discovered that Discount Fuels, Inc., in the course of doing business, spilled approximately 66 gallons of #2 fuel oil at a Rutland residence in 2004. Discount Fuels, Inc. did not report the release and took little action to remediate the site despite receiving a notice of alleged violation directing them to do so. Consequently, the Waste Management Division used state funds to perform site remediation. Discount Fuel's insurance carrier reimbursed the state $15,000 for the site clean-up.

The matter came to light as a result of the property owner reporting the release. After the investigation was completed by Environmental Enforcement Officer Don Gallus, Discount Fuels, Inc. was notified of the violation, an Administrative Order was filed, and it subsequently agreed to settle the matter.

The settlement was reduced to an Assurance of Discontinuance and was so ordered by the Environmental Court on February 26, 2008. In it, Discount Fuels, Inc. agreed to pay $13,000. The site has been fully remediated.

Involved Program: Hazardous Materials, Waste Management Division of the Department of Environmental Conservation

Environmental Enforcement Officer: Don Gallus
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