State of Vermont
Agency of Natural Resources
Department of Environmental Conservation
Compliance & Enforcement Division
Press Release

August 04, 2010
Evans Group, Inc.

PRESS RELEASE – Evans Group, Inc.
Owner of Underground Storage Tanks Fined for Violating State Rules

WATERBURY - The Department of Environmental Conservation’s Compliance and Enforcement Division today announced that it has formally settled environmental violations involving Evans Group, Inc. The company owns and operates four underground storage tanks located at Patriot Fuels in Fairlee. The settlement includes a $7,000 penalty.

Through Agency investigation, it was discovered that Evans Group, Inc. had several violations of the Vermont Underground Storage Tank Rules including a lack of release detection monitoring records, failure to monitor tanks and piping for releases, and failure to investigate and report a suspected release. The violations came to light as a result of a routine and follow up inspection by the Underground Storage Tank Program of the Waste Management Division. No release was observed during the inspections.
After the investigation was completed, Evans Group, Inc. was notified of the violations and agreed to settle the matter. The settlement was reduced to an Assurance of Discontinuance and was so ordered by the Environmental Court. In it, Evans Group, Inc. agreed to retain a contractor to assess the tank systems and components; submit a written assessment report; complete any and all repairs and/or replacements; submit copies of leak detection monitoring results for a four week period following the assessment and any repairs; prepare and submit a written protocol for responding to release detection alarms and investigating and reporting suspected releases; and comply with applicable rules.

It was also agreed that Evans Group, Inc. will pay a civil penalty of $7,000 to the State of Vermont for the violations.

Involved Program: Underground Storage Tank Program, Waste Management Division of the Department of Environmental Conservation

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