State of Vermont
Agency of Natural Resources
Department of Environmental Conservation
Compliance & Enforcement Division
Press Release

May 01, 2006
St. Johnsbury

The Town of St. Johnsbury has settled two enforcement cases, one involving the wastewater collection system in May 2005 and one involving the water treatment facility in February 2005.

In the first case the town has agreed to fund a supplemental environmental project in the amount of $3900.00 following a minor discharge of sewage from the wastewater collection system to the Passumpsic River which occurred after a cleanout pipe leading to a sewer line overflowed in May 2005.

Although the overflow was found to be minor, the town failed to report it to the Department of Environmental Conservation, Wastewater Management Division as required by its permit.

In the second case 18,000 gallons of alum sludge was discharged into Stiles Brook from two lagoons located at the Water Treatment Facility, due to ice build-up on the lagoons during February 5-6, 2005. The town took immediate action to clean the sludge from Stiles Brook. The Wastewater Management Division issued a 1272 order requiring the town to take steps to prevent any additional discharges. The town of St. Johnsbury complied with the order and has agreed to fund a supplemental environmental project in the amount of $2,625.00 and continue to take any necessary measures to prevent discharges in winter months.
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