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Assurances of Discontinuance 2010

Please click on an Assurance of Discontinuance file name in the list below.

2010 Assurances of Discontinuance
Click file name to view document (listed alphabetically)
101-6-10_Vtec_Town_of_Bradford.pdf 175 kb   
104-6-10_Vtec_Randall_Quesnel.pdf 154 kb   
112-7-10_Vtec_Evans_Group,_Inc..pdf 262 kb   
122-7-10_Vtec_Michael_Renaud_and_Shirley_Renaud.pdf 227 kb   
124-7-10_Vtec_Wesco,_Inc..pdf 225 kb   
126-8-10_Vtec_Franklin_Foods,_Inc..pdf 289 kb   
133-8-10_Vtec_Department_of_Building_and_General_Services.pdf 192 kb   
147-9-10_Vtec_Randy_Howe_Sunoco,_Inc..pdf 184 kb   
148-9-10_Vtec_William_E._Dailey,_Inc..pdf 207 kb   
181-10-10_Vtec_Joan_Whitman.pdf 162 kb   
183-11-10_Vtec_Okemo_Limited_Liability_Company.pdf 233 kb   
187-9-09_Vtec_Lorenzo_DeConinck_dba_Ltd_&_Sons_Property_Maintenance.pdf 353 kb   
200-11-10_Vtec_Scott_Fisk.pdf 233 kb   
202-11-10_Vtec_Town_of_Pittsford.pdf 290 kb   
206-12-10_Vtec_Norman_Bouchard.pdf 165 kb   
209-10-09_Vtec_Robert_Colaceci_dba_Vermonters_Helping_Vermonters.pdf 260 kb   
21-1-10_Vtec_David_Jalbert.pdf 157 kb   
238-12-09_Vtec_Calkins_Oil_&_Excavating,_Inc..pdf 163 kb   
31-2-10_Vtec_Via_Cheese,_LLC.pdf 209 kb   
41-3-10_Vtec_Churchill_Coatings_Corporation.pdf 273 kb   
62-4-10_Vtec_A.Marcelino_&_Company,_Inc..pdf 330 kb   
75-5-10_Vtec_McDermontts,_Inc.pdf 196 kb   
78-5-10_Vtec_Granite_Importers,_Inc..pdf 179 kb   
78-5-10_Vtec_Kurt_Roberts_and_Sue_Roberts.pdf 180 kb   
83-5-10_Vtec_City_of_Montpelier.pdf 237 kb   
92-6-10_Vtec_Precision_Valley_Finishing,_Inc..pdf 423 kb   
98-6-10_Vtec_Ronald_Rogers.pdf 147 kb   
Thumbs.db 31 kb   

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View of Kettle Pond in Groton State Park in north central Vermont

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