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Construction Bid Tabs - Municipal Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Projects


Bid Information Table

The following Bid Information Table is a sortable document that includes the advertisement date, pre-bid meeting date, bid opening date, name of the project owner, name of the engineer and the engineering firm, the project contract number and description, the award amount and the date of the contract award. All bids that had an advertisement date in 2009 and were later awarded are included in this table.

Bid Information Table for 2009 Updated 11/21/2012

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2009 Bid Tabs

The following are the PDF versions of the bid tabs for all awarded projects in 2009. They have been provided by the noted engineering consultant firms. For further information, you should contact the noted project engineer directly. If you have questions about bid tabs posted on this page, please contact Roger Bergeron  


  Addison County Community Trust - Lindale Mobile Home Park, AR3-020, Contract #1, Waterline Replacement Project

  Barre City, AR1-098, Contract #1, Wastewater Treatment Facility Control Building HVAC Upgrade

  Barre Town, RF3-242, Contract #1, Mill Street Water Main Replacement

  Barton Village, AR3-038, Contract #1, Solar Powered Reservoir Mixer

  Bellows Falls, AR1-007, Contract #1, Wastewater Treatment Facility Headworks Improvements

  Bethel Town, RF3-234, Contract #1, River Street Bridge Waterline Relocation

  Brattleboro, AR1-024, Contract #2, Rotating Biological Contractors Replacement

  Bristol, AR1-026, Contract #1, North Street Stormwater Improvement

  Bristol Family Center, AR3-009, Small Purchase #1, Water System Improvements

  Burlington, AR1-013, Contract #2, Aeration Blower Replacement

  Castleton Fire District #1, AR3-042, Contract #2, Water Meters Installation

  Chelsea Town, AR3-046, Contract #1, Brookhaven Well Pump Station

  Cold Brook Fire District #1, AR3-035, Contract #1, Water Tank Painting and Repairs

  Danville Town Fire District #1, AR3-044, Contract #1, Water Main Improvements

  Deerfield Valley Elementary School, AR3-012, Contract #1, Outside Tanks and Piping

  Deerfield Valley Elementary School, AR3-012, Contract #2, Inside Pumps and Piping

  East Middlebury Fire District #1, AR3-034, Small Purchase #1, Water Reservoir Improvements

  Enosburg Falls Village, AR3-048, Contract #1, Dickinson Avenue Watermain Replacement

  Essex Town, AR1-032, Contract #1, Perkins Bend and EuroWest Stormwater Upgrade

  Essex Town, AR1-001, Contract #1, Alder Brook Pump Station Upgrades

  Essex Junction, AR1-004, Contract #1, Wastewater Collection System Rehabilitation

  Georgia Industrial Development Corporation, AR3-027, Contract #1, Water System Improvements

  Green Mountain Camp, Inc., AR3-025, Small Purchase #1, Water System Improvements

  Hardwick, EM-97194601, Contract #1, South Main Street Water System Upgrades

  Hartford, AR1-006, Contract #1, Sewer System and Pump Station Rehabilitation

  Hartford - White River Junction, AR1-099, Contract #2, White River Junction Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade

  Hartford Town, AR3-043 & AR3-047, Contract #2009-1, Water Main Improvements

  Harwood Union High School, AR3-002, Small Purchase #2, Water System Improvements

  Hinesburg, AR1-010, Contract #1, Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade

  Irasburg Town Fire District #1, AR3-018, Contract #1, Water Distribution Upgrade

  Johnson Village, AR1-011, Contract #1, Power House Bridge Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement

  Lise T. Gates dba Dairy Center Enterprises, RF3-128, Contract #1, Water System Upgrades

  Ludlow Village, AR3-040, Contract #1, Water Distribution System Improvements

  Ludlow Village, AR3-040, Contract #2, Water Storage Tank

  Middlebury, AR1-043, Contract #1, Main Pumping Station, Wet Well Expansion and New Grit Removal System

  Milton, AR1-044, Contract #7A, Lower Main Street Stormwater Improvements

  Montpelier, AR1-016, Contract #1, CSO Project

  Montpelier, AR1-016, Contract #2, Wastewater Treatment Facility Solar Electric

  Morrisville Village, AR3-023, Contract #1, Water System Improvements, High Service Area

  Northfield Village, AR3-041, Contract #09-3, Water System Improvements

  Poultney Village, RF3-226, Contract #1, York/Norton Water Improvements

  Proctor, AR1-054, Small Purchase #1, Sewer System Rehabilitation

  Proctor, VT-337, Contract #1, Wastewater Treatment Facility Phosphorus Removal Improvements

  Red Cedar School, AR3-008 & RF3-176, Small Purchase #1, Water System Improvements

  Richmond, AR1-058, Contract #4A, Millet Street - Tilden Avenue Stormwater Upgrades

  Richmond, AR1-058, Contract #7A, Sewer Lining and Renovations

  Rutland City, AR1-009, Contract #1, Cresent Street Sanitary and Storm Sewer Replacement

  Rutland City, AR1-009, Contract #2, West Street Sanitary and Storm Sewer Replacement

  Ryegate Town Fire District #2, AR3-026, Contract #1, Water System Improvements

  Saint George Town Fire District #1, AR3-016, Contract #1, Water System Upgrades

  Shaftsbury, AR3-051 & RF3-205, Contract #1, Water System Improvements

  Shelburne, AR1-062, Contract #1, I/I Mitigation and Structural Repairs

  South Burlington, AR1-070, Contract #1, Twin Oaks Stormwater Improvements

  South Burlington, AR1-071, Contract #1, Ridgewood/Indian Creek Condominium Stormwater Improvements

  South Burlington, AR1-072, Small Purchase #1, Winding Brook Condominium Stormwater Improvements

  South Burlington, AR1-073, Small Purchase #1, Harbor Heights Stormwater Improvements

  South Burlington, AR1-014, Small Purchase #1, Stormwater Improvements for Quarry Ridge

  Springfield, AR1-002 & RF1-130 & VT-339, Contract #6, CSO Abatement/Elm Hill Water Distribution System Improvements

  Springfield, AR3-028, Contract #1, River Street Water Main Improvements

  Springfield, RF3-240, Contract #B, Union School Storage Tank

  St. Albans, AR1-008, Contract #1, Biosolids Management and Trickling Filter Renovation

  St. Albans, RF1-136, Contract #2, RBC Replacement and Renovation

  Timberline Condominums HOA, Inc., RF3-141, Contract #1, Water System Improvements

  Troy, AR3-005 & RF3-225, Contract #09-1B, Arsenic & Manganese Removal at Water Treatment Facility

  Troy, AR3-005 & RF3-225, Contract #09-2R, Furnish and Install Water Meters

  Troy & Jay, AR1-079, Contract #2, WWTF Sludge Processing

  Vermont Elks Charities, Inc., AR3-007, Small Purchase #1, Water System Improvements

  Waterbury, AR1-005, Contract #1, Sewer System Improvements

  Waterbury, AR3-049, Contract #1, Laurel Road Water Main Interconnection

  Waterbury, AR3-050, Contract #1W, Blush Hill Water Main Replacement

  Westminster Town School District, AR3-032 & RF3-219, Small Purchase #1, Water System Improvements

  Whiting Water Corporation, AR3-001, Contract #1, Water System Upgrades

  Windsor, AR3-037, Contract #2009-1, Water Mains

  Windsor, AR3-037, Contract #2009-2, Water Meter Installation

Roger Bergeron

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