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Stream Alteration Draft Rules Public Hearing
06:00 PM     Event End Time:   08:00 PM 
Morgaine Bell
The proposed Rule seeks to clarify how stream alterations within watercourses of the State shall be managed under the authority of the state during emergencies and otherwise. Stream alterations are activities that may change, alter, or modify the course, current, or cross section of any watercourse within or along the boundaries of Vermont either by movement, by fill, or by excavation of ten cubic yards or more of instream material in any year. The Rule contains standards such that proposed activities: (1) will not adversely affect the public safety by increasing flood and fluvial erosion hazards; (2) will not significantly damage fish life or wildlife; (3) will not significantly damage the rights of riparian owners; and (4) in case of any waters designated as outstanding resource waters, will not adversely affect the values sought to be protected by designation.
ANR Offices - 100 Mineral St, Springfield

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