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Civil Complaints 2014

Please click on a Civil Complaints file name in the list below.

2014 Civil Complaints
Click file name to view document (listed alphabetically)
13EC00064_Ben_Farrow_Morgan.pdf 667 kb   
13EC00490 N. Street, S. Royalton Property, LLC.pdf 1,329 kb   
13EC00591_Shawn_A._Rich_Victory.pdf 669 kb   
13EC00689-A_Dean_Brady,_d,b.a._Brady_Tank_Environmental_Burlington.pdf 680 kb   
13EC00689-B_Dean_Brady,_d,b.a._Brady_Tank_Environmental_Burlington.pdf 682 kb   
13EC00714_Issac_E._Pearl_Danville.pdf 662 kb   
13EC00779_Evelyn_Howland_South Royalton.pdf 666 kb   
13EC00800_Gerald_McGreevy_Poultney.pdf 680 kb   
13EC00836_Lester_Nutting_Bradford.pdf 674 kb   
13EC00883_Caroline_Noel_St._Johnsbury.pdf 666 kb   
13EC00965-A_Robert_H._Gray_Newbury.pdf 665 kb   
13EC00965-B_Robert_H._Gray_Newbury.pdf 665 kb   
13EC00982_State_of_Vermont,_Agency_of_Transportation_West_Rutland.pdf 677 kb   
13EC01034_Veterans_of_Foreign_Wars_Post_790,_Attn._Ron_Tallman_East_Barre.pdf 674 kb   
13EC01043_City_of_Burlington_Burlington.pdf 684 kb   
13EC01075_William_Bond_Bradford.pdf 673 kb   
13EC01080_David_Harvey_Rochester.pdf 661 kb   
13EC01081_Vermont_Structural_Slate_Co._Inc.,_co_Craig_Markcrow,_President_Fair_Haven.pdf 670 kb   
13EC01094_Proctor_Gas,_Inc._co_Judy_Taranovich_West_Rutland.pdf 676 kb   
14EC00017 Richard M. Howland.pdf 1,327 kb   
14EC00029 G.K. Bisson Trucking, LLC Williamstown.pdf 1,164 kb   
14EC00039_Northern_Coal_Limited_a.b.a._Northern_Coal_and_Oil.pdf 160 kb   
14EC00087-A_ Connor_Homes_LLC.pdf 159 kb   
14EC00087-B Connor_Homes_LLC.pdf 159 kb   
14EC00131-A Brattleboro_Salvage_Company_INC.pdf 160 kb   
14EC00131-B Brattleboro_Salvage_Company_INC.pdf 160 kb   
14EC00131-C Brattleboro_Salvage_Company_INC.pdf 165 kb   
14EC00596_LaRock_Property_Maintenance_Inc_Warren.pdf 164 kb   
14EC00608_Michael_Gill_Bristol.pdf 159 kb   
14EC00745_Frank_W._Whitcomb_St_Colchester.pdf 158 kb   
Thumbs.db 426 kb   

All documents are in Adobe Acrobat PDFClick here to get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

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View of Kettle Pond in Groton State Park in north central Vermont

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