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PCWS, NTNC, Individual TNC, and Domestic Bottled and Bulk Water Operating Permit

Operating Permits
All public water systems are required to have a Permit to Operate. The Permit to Operate includes a description of the water system, findings from the most recent sanitary survey, conditions, requirements, violations and a compliance schedule to correct significant deficiencies. Operating permits do not expire and are non-transferable when ownership changes.
Operating permit application

Sanitary Surveys
The Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division conducts sanitary surveys no less frequently than every three years for community water systems and in-state bottled/bulk water facilities, and every five years for non-community water systems. At a minimum the survey must address the following eight sanitary survey components:

  1. Source
  2. Treatment
  3. Distribution system
  4. Finished water storage
  5. Pumps, pump facilities, and controls
  6. Monitoring, reporting, and data verification
  7. System management and operation
  8. Operator compliance with State requirements

The State may conduct more frequent sanitary surveys for any system.

Following the survey, the surveyor writes a letter following the survey to the water system which includes a proposed compliance schedule to address any significant deficiencies identified during the survey.  The system has 30 days from the date of the letter to respond to the survey letter.  System deficiencies need to be corrected within 120 days of the notification letter or in accordance with an alternate schedule approved by the Division.

For some helpful hints after your sanitary survey, please read Don Haddox’s 2011 Waterline article "Phew, my Sanitary Survey is over—or is it?"

For questions regarding your Permit to Operate please contact any sanitary surveyor.


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