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Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs)

It’s that time of year again!  All Public Community Water Systems are required to provide Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) to their consumers by July 1, 2015

The electronic CCR templates are designed to help Public Community Water Systems create individual CCR’s for Calendar Year 2014.  The link to the webpage of templates are listed at the end of these instructions in ascending order by Water Supply Identification number (WSID #)

  • Click on your system’s CCR template and save to your computer. Changes cannot be made to the file online. 
  • Please review the introductory letter preceding your template for CCR content and delivery requirements.
  • CCR’s may be reconstructed  to include a summary promoting confidence in the use of the drinking water that is provided, good news items, or additional local information. Be sure all the information provided by the template is included.  The CCR is an excellent tool for conveying recent water system information such as the hiring of new employees, noting employee accomplishments, recent water system improvements, rate information, or explaining the need for updated treatment facilities.
  • Once completed, please distribute the CCR to all consumers. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all of the data and nearly all of the information provided in the template to be included in the CCR.

Please Note:


Wholesalers: The EPA requires Wholesalers to provide information contained in their CCR to corresponding Consecutive System(s) by April 1st annually.

Consecutive Systems: Consecutive Systems must ensure that the Wholesaler’s CCR is distributed to the Consecutive System’s users in addition to the Consecutive System’s CCR.  Wholesalers are not responsible for providing data on contaminants that Consecutive Systems must monitor (coliform, lead and copper, and DBPs) unless there is a prior written agreement between the Wholesaler and Consecutive System that specifies that the Wholesaler will include the Consecutive System’s information.


A copy of the CCR along with the completed, signed and dated Certificate of Delivery (enclosed in template) must be submitted to the Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division by July 1, 2015  Submittal options include:

  • Email - jeff.girard@state.vt.us
  • Fax - 802-828-1541
  • Mail - Montpelier address listed in the box at the bottom left of the Certificate of Delivery


If you have any questions regarding your system’s template or need assistance in preparing your CCR, please contact me at 802-585-0314 or email me at: jeff.girard@state.vt.us.


2014 CCR Templates


Water System Officials Contact Form

Public Water Supply Survey Form

Public Notice Certification Form

Monthly Operations Report for Filtered Surface Water Systems

Letter and Instructions for Filtered Surface Water Monthly Reporting

Monthly Operations Report for Groundwater and Systems Purchasing Groundwater





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