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Water Supply Rule - For Public Water Systems that serve 25 or more people
Adopted Water Supply Rule-effective December 1, 2010
Previous Water Supply Rule-dated April 5, 2005 

Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Rule

Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Rule - effective September 25, 2007 also see Summary of Changes

Federal Rule-CFR 40

Code of Federal Regulations Title 40 Volume 22 Chapter 1 Parts 141-143 -effective July 1, 2009

Indirect Discharge Rules

The Indirect Discharge Rules (IDR), Chapter 14 of the Environmental Protection Rules, became effective on April 30, 2003 and contain the requirements for permitting land-based, sewage disposal facilities with design flows of greater than 6,499 gallons per day. Subchapter 4 of the IDR contains information on how to apply for an initial Indirect Discharge Permit and how to apply for renewal of an issued permit or permit amendment. In addition, many indirect discharging systems are authorized under the General Permit and Subchapter 4 also contains information for those system owners. Finally, information related to disposal of non-sewage wastes can be found on that page.

Well Driller Licensing Rule
Adopted Well Driller Licensing Rule -effective Sept. 20, 2002  

Groundwater Protection Rule & Strategy
Chapter 12 - Groundwater Protection Rule and Strategy - effective February 14, 2005 

Groundwater Withdrawal Reporting & Permitting Rule

Chapter 24 -Groundwater Withdrawal Reporting & Permitting Rule -effective June 22, 2011

 Vermont State Statutes

Vermont State Statutes On-Line Website
Title 10 VSA Chapter 56 - Public Water Supply
Title 10 VSA Chapter 48 - Ground Water Protection
Act 199:  An Act Relating to Groundwater Withdrawal Permit Program
Act 193: Lead in Consumer Products (regarding plumbing supplies)




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