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Regional Office Guidance, Practices and Procedures

Guidance Documents

Determining when a RV is a building or structure  Guidance Document #2015 -01

Guidance on Coordination with Shoreland Program for Lake Front Lots

Permits for Subdivision of Improved Lots under Section 1-311(b)(3)(A)(ii) of the Rules#2013-01

Act 145 and Act 117 Notification Requirements - 8/24/2012
Groundwater Sources that are Protected when Permitting a Wastewater System. Guidance Document #2011-03
Calculating Water/Wastewater Design Flows for Catering/Deli Operations. Guidance Document #2011-02
Regulation of Wastewater Systems that Accept Process Wastewater from Exempt Water Treatment Systems. Guidance Document #2011-01
Notification Requirements. Guidance Document #2010-01
When are multiple water supplies owned or controlled by the same person regulated as a public water supply? Water Supply Rule Guidance Document #2008-01
Alternative Toilet Guidance. Guidance Document #2008-05
§1-311 Subdivision of Improved Lots - Replacement Areas. Guidance Document #2008-04
Revision of Permits that included approval of a Replacement System or Replacement Area for Wastewater Disposal. Guidance Document #2008-03
Property Ownership and Control Disputes. Guidance Document #2008-02
Conversion of a single-family residence from seasonal to year-round use. Guidance Document #2008-01
Reconstruction of building or structure with no increase in design flow or change in use that affects any operational characteristics of the water or wastewater systems. 1-304(a)(21). Guidance Document #2007-03
Replacement Well Exemption for Single Family Residences on their own Individual Lots, §1-304(a)(22). Guidance Document #2007-02
Universal Jurisdiction's Impact on Town Authority over Water and Wastewater after July 1, 2007. Guidance Document #2007-01
Tips for Designers on the 2007 Rule Revision
Conversion of Single Family Residences from Seasonal to Year-round Use
Guidance related to Old Deeds, Leases, and ROW, Issued July 2, 2004
Guidance on reduction of isolation distances between wastewater disposal systems and potable water lines

Guidance Documents - Other Divisions

Shoreland Protection Act Factsheet


Practice for Municipal Connections in Lieu of Replacement Areas

Lots with Buildings or Structures that do not meet the definition of being improved

Handwashing and Toilet Facilities for buildings, structures or campgrounds

Who has the Authority to Sign an Application for a Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Permit

Procedure for Sewer Construction in Wellhead Protection Areas (WHPA)

Disposal of Used Stone: 

Section 1-924 of the Rules states the proper methods for disposal of used stone, mound sand, or soils from a soil based wastewater system.  §1-924(a)(1) and (2) also references procedures established by the Vermont Solid Waste Management Rules.  Click on “disposal of clogged medium” to view their procedure.

Exemption Forms for Construction of a Replacement Well that serves only one Single Family Residence on its own Individual Lot:

Link to Water Source Protection Area (SPA) maps for community water systems.


Effective June 4, 2010
Some water treatment systems are exempt

Archive Guidance Documents




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