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Property Owners and Residents

Potable (Non-public) Water and Wastewater Permits (Regional Offices): obtain information on how to apply for a Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Permit or to electronically access Permits.

Lead and Copper:  The Lead and Copper Rule was developed to protect public health by minimizing lead and copper levels in drinking water.  Learn more about how lead and copper may enter a water system and potential health risks.

Well Completion Reports  Find information on private wells such as depths, yields. Existing cold fusion database

Licensed well drillers (pdf)--  List of all active Vermont Licensed Well Drillers.

Underground Injection Control (UIC): Is a program that requires a permit for the discharge of certain non-sanitary wastes to a wastewater system.

e-DEC: is a method to electronically file a Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Permit application.

Natural Resource Atlas: An interactive map of State features.

Licensed Designers: Private companies or individuals who may assist in the design and preparing a permit application for water supplies and wastewater systems needing a permit from the Regional Offices.

Does my town have a Municipal Delegation? : Towns may request permission to administer the permitting requirements of the Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Rules administered by the Regional Offices. 

Wastewater permit search (cold fusion database): An electronic way to find many of the permits issued by the Regional Offices for the construction of water supplies and wastewater systems.

Department of Health: Health and treatment information on water quality testing of drinking water supplies. 

How do I test my private well? Information provided by the Department of Health for sampling and testing of private wells.

Link to Act 250 Act 250 issues permits for certain commercial and residential development.  This link provides more information on the jurisdiction of Act 250.

Neighborhood Works program : Funding information for low income Vermonters to assist in the costs of constructing replacement wastewater systems for single family residences. 

Permit Compliance: You may have a parcel of land with a Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply permit or may be purchasing a parcel of land that has such a permit.  This provides information on the importance of understanding the conditions of the permit.


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