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Special Studies

Jointly Funded UNH Regional Study on the Fate of Radionuclides Disposed of in On-Site Wastewater Systems.

Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was established by Act 133 of the 2001 Adjourned Session to advise Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (VT ANR) regarding technical standards for potable water supplies and wastewater systems administered by the Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Rules.   The Committee is appointed by the Governor and regularly meets to "ensure that the technical standards remain current with the known and proven technologies regarding potable water supplies and wastewater systems". 

Orange Center School Water Efficiency Pilot Project

The Drinking Water State Revolving Fund used Local Assistance set-aside funds to conduct a pilot project at the Orange Center School replacing outdated fixtures with WaterSense-labeled fixtures in an effort to address seasonal water shortages

Rutland City Disinfection Byproducts Reduction Study

The City of Rutland completed a study in April 2012 funded through the DWSRF to examine the effectiveness of several different approaches to reducing disinfection byproducts (DBPs) at its slow sand water filtration plant. The methods studied consisted of modifications to the existing disinfection location, chloramination, granular activated carbon (both new and used carbon), and magnetic ion exchange. The report together with its appendices provides a thorough summary of the results of each technology that was tested

Newport City Arsenic Pilot Study

The objective of the study was to identify cost effective treatment and disposal alternatives for arsenic removal for small (< 10,000 population) public community water systems. The study included pilot-scale testing of three removal methods at the Newport City, Vermont water treatment facility, consisting of:  iron base media adsorption (no-regenerative); iron-based media (regenerative media); and co-precipitation/filtration. The City’s source is ground water with a raw water arsenic concentration is generally ~ 20 ppb, which exceeds the MCL of 10 ppb.

Feasibility Study on the Costs of Treatment Options for Reducing Disinfection Byproducts in Public Drinking Water Systems

Appendix 1: References
Appendix 2: Computer Model Output Summaries
Appendix 3: Operations Data & Survey Information
Appendix 4: Distribution System Disinfection Byproducts Rule Data over time
Appendix 5: Consecutive System Disinfection Byproducts Rule Data Over Time
Appendix 6: Distribution Maps
Appendix 7: Concept Site Plans
Appendix 8: Questions & Reponses in Draft Report
Appendix 9: Service Line Scale Analysis
Appendix 10: Draft report Workshop Video (on DVD)
Appendix 11: Cost Basis for Capital and O&M

Fact Sheet: Summary of Chloramination (4 pages, 90KB PDF)
Health Department Offers Expanded Information on Monochloramine: Press Release
EPA’s Information about Chloramine in Drinking Water

Vermont Water Supply Division Symposium on Drinking Water- Presentations:

Addison County Disposal System Evaluation Report

The Vermont Legislature commissioned a study of "difficult" soils in Addison County to be done in 2007. After an open bidding process, the firm of Heindel and Noyes was selected as the contractor. Twenty seven existing systems were evaluated and the site characteristics for each system were examined. These documents include the report, an appendix with the detailed site evaluation information, and a letter to the contractor along with the contractor's reply.

Companion Binder
Letter to Steve Larosa Dec 2007
Letter from Steve LaRosa Jan 2008

Performance-Based Systems

First Report on Performance Based Systems
Map: "Performance-Based" Systems Permitted by Region as of December, 2004

Gary Fern Summary Technical Standards- Summary of major revisions to TECHNICAL STANDARDS in August 16, 2002 rules - Revised by ANR December 22, 2002



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