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Transient Non Community (TNC) Operating Permit

General Operating Permit for Transient Non-Community Drinking Water Systems (TNCs) - Vermont statute requires all TNCs to have an operating permit.  The Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division recently issued a new general operating permit for Class 1A and 1B TNCs using only groundwater sources.  If your system does not have an operating permit, please read the permit below, and if the system meets the eligibility requirements, complete the notice of intent form and send it to our office.  There is no application fee, but you will be billed each year for the $100 annual permit fee.  Systems not eligible for the general permit must obtain an individual operating permit from the Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division.

  • General Permit eligibility includes, but is not limited to:
    • The system must be a Class 1A or 1B system.
      • Class 1A: no treatment or those with ion exchange for water softening, cartridge filters not required to be installed by the Secretary, or limestone contactors for pH adjustment
      • Class 1B: DWGWPD-approved chlorine or ultraviolet light (UV) disinfection, including standby capability
    • The system must have a groundwater only source; no GWUDI or surface water sources allowed
  • If they system does not meet the general permit eligibility criteria, they must apply for an individual Permit to Operate.
  • Once the system recieves a permit, there are requirements for monitoring compliance.

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