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Wastewater Disposal Innovative/Alternative (I/A) System/Product Approvals

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Innovative/Alternative (I/A) System/Product Approvals


Specific Treatment System Product Approvals for General Use
Approval Number Click on link to get a copy of the approval Approval Expires Additional Information
2001-01-R7 Advantex®, textile treatment system October 7, 2015 www.orenco.com



Aqua Aire® and Aqua Safe®, aerobic wastewater treatment system

October 7, 2015





Bioclere, recirculating fixed film trickling filter treatment system

October 7, 2015


2004-01-R3 Bio-Microbics MicroFAST®, RetroFAST®, HighStrengthFAST®, fixed activated sludge treatment systems March 13, 2016 www.biomicrobics.com
2015-03 Delta Environmental Products, aerobic with fixed media Wastewater Treatment System March 30, 2017 www.deltaenvironmental.com  

Ecoflo Biofilter®, peat treatment system
Owner Responsibilities for Maintaining Warranty

Ecoflo Concrete Installation Manual

Ecoflo Concrete Technical Data Sheet

Ecoflo Polyethylene Installation Manual

Ecoflo Polyethylene Technical Data Sheet

October 1, 2015 www.premiertechaqua.com
2015-02 FujiClean USA LLC, contact filtration aerobic wastewater treatment system March 9, 2017 www.fujicleanusa.com

Hydro-Action Mfg. Inc.  aerobic wastewater treatment system


February 22, 2017 www.hydro-action.com
 2013-02-R3 Jet Inc.    aerobic wastewater treatment system  June 30, 2017 www.jetincorp.com
2005-01-R2 Norweco Singulair®, suspended growth extended aeration November 3, 2016 www.norweco.com/html/products/
2002-03-R2 Septitech®, recirculating trickling filter

July 21, 2016




The Clean Solution™ aerobic wastewater treatment system

March 19, 2016





Dispersal System Product Approvals for General Use
Approval Number Click on link to get a copy of the approval Approval Expires Additional Information

Infiltrator Water Technologies, LLC ARC/BioDiffuser Chambers

Vermont Design & Installation Manual - ARC

August 28, 2016 www.infiltratorsystems.com

Infiltrator Water Technologies. LLC

Leaching Chamber


Vermont Manual - System Sizing
September 22, 2016 www.infiltratorsystems.com

Presby Environmental Inc.


Vermont Design Manual
February 23, 2017 www.PresbyEnvironmental.com

Oakson Inc.

American Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Perc-Rite® Drip Distribution Units

June 22, 2016 www.oaksoninc.com



Products that substitute for traditional methods
EZflow products http://www.ezflowlp.com/prod_info.htm
Flout®, floating outlet distribution box, alternative to a dosing siphon www.rissyplastics.com
Orenco Hydro-splitter®, mechanical distribution alternative to a distribution box www.orenco.com/catalog
Zoeller TRU-FLOW Splitter System, alternative to distribution box www.zoeller.com



Products approved for use as septic tanks or septic tank effluent filters
Bear Onsite Effluent Filter www.bearonsite.com
Bio-Microbics SaniTEE® effluent wastewater screen www.biomicrobics.com
FRALO SEPTECH™, polyethylene septic tanks www.fralo.net

IM-Series and TW-Series septic and pump tanks


Infiltrator IM & TW Series Septic Tank General Installation Instructions

Norwesco Septic Tanks www.norwesco.com
Norwesco Low Profile Septic Tanks www.norwesco.com
Orenco Effluent Filters www.orenco.com
Orenco Fiberglass Septic Tank www.orenco.com/ft/ft_index.asp
Polylok Effluent Filters, PL-68, PL-122, PL-525 www.polylok.com
Roth MultiTank, several models www.roth-usa.com
Tuf-Tite® Effluent Filters www.tuf-tite.com
Xactics Polyethylene Septic Tank http://www.xactics.com/Products.htm
Zoeller Filters www.zoeller.com


Accepted for Use Without Approval


Letters indicating that a technology is not subject to the rules
The Juggler®, a septic tank pumping truck that removes solids and returns water to septic tank
Miller septic tank liner



Expired Products - Specific Product Approvals for General Use

Approval Number

Click on link to get a copy of the approval

Approval Expires

Additional Information


ADS GEO-Flow® Pipe Leaching System

Vermont Design Manual  March 2013

March 7, 2015 www.ads-pipe.com 
2007-01-R1 Cromaglass™ wastewater treatment system, sequencing batch reactor September 19, 2014 www.cromaglass.com


Enviro-Guard™ combined process, equalized treatment system

September 1, 2009


2003-03-R4 Puraflo®, peat fiber biofilter treatment system March 26, 2015 www.anua-us.com


SPEC AIRR, alternating intermittent recirculating reactor treatment system

July 1, 2008



Expired Products - Specific Product Approvals for Pilot Use

Approval Number

Click on link to get a copy of the approval

Approval Expires

Additional Information


Eco-Solutions advanced wetland treatment system

March 1, 2011






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