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Well Drilling & Well Information

The Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division licenses well drillers drilling wells in the State of Vermont, as well as maintains a database of wells drilled and their locations.


Well Driller Licensing Rule 

The Well Driller Licensing Rule , effective August 20, 2002, outlines the responsibilities of well drillers. For more information about the Well Driller Licensing Rule, please contact us with questions.

Well Construction and Isolation Standards for Wells 


License Application & Instructions
This includes application form, instructions, child support and taxes statement form, and 'qualifying individual agreement' information for first time water well drillers, monitoring well drillers or both.  For more information about license applications, please contact us.

The License Renewal Application is for well drillers who are already licensed in Vermont. For more information about license renewals, please contact us

Licensed Well Drillers

Exemption Forms

Exemption Forms for Construction of a Replacement Well that serves only one Single Family Residence on its own Individual Lot:

Drilled Well

Public Water System

Shallow Well

Well Tags, Well Completion Report Forms, and Rig Seals

These may be resupplied by Ken Yelsey.

NOTE: Be aware that the state is more actively enforcing the Well Completion Report (WCR) requirements.  Please remember to:

  • submit the WCR within 90 days of completing a well (A well is considered completed when the drill rig has completed drilling or hydrofracturing the well, NOT when the well pump is actually installed, since the State has no jurisdiction over pump installation),
  • include all applicable well construction and well information in the WCR, and ensure all well construction standards are being met,
  • submit accurate GPS coordinates for the well (in the format of Decimal Degrees), and
  • be sure the WCR reports are properly signed and dated by a Vermont licensed well driller.

NOTE: Timely WCR submittal is very important because this information is used for many different reasons, such as characterizing groundwater conditions and flow, understanding the bedrock and the unconsolidated materials over them, for effective contaminant remediation, aquifer interpretation, engineering applications, homeowner education, and compliance with permits, to name just a few. If questions, contact Rodney Pingree at 802-585-4812 or  rodney.pingree@state.vt.us.

Well Locations and Well Completion Report Database:

Well Completion Reports Searchable Database

Well Locator Map

Natural Resource Atlas


VDH Fact Sheet: Testing Drinking Water from Private Water Supplies  (Required to be supplied to property owner by well driller upon well completion)

Public Community Water Systems Groundwater Interference Project

Water Quality Testing for Potable Water Supply Wells

2014 Well Driller Program Report  NEW



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