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Environmental Notice Bulletin Guidance


Permit/Certification Number: This field is a number assigned by the program specifically to this permit action. For some programs this number is unique to the activity, for others it is facility based. This is the primary number that the program uses to access files and other documents. When requesting application information it is important to reference this number.

Program: This field is the name of the program responsible for issuing the permit or certificate.

Applicant Name: This field is the name on the application form and may be the landowner, operator or project name. Typically, this is the person or entity that is legally responsible for the permit or certification after it is issued.

Project Number: Also known as Project Identification Number, or PIN. This number is assigned to a project or activity and is used by all programs as an identifier on permits or files for the project or activity. This number is used by the Bulletin program to sort applications, thereby showing all the programs that are currently considering applications for a given project.

Project Description: This field provides an abbreviated description of the project or activity that the permit or certification application references. It may include a project name.

Project Location: This field includes a street or road address for the project. Whenever available this address will be an E911 address.

Contact: This is the program staff person directly responsible for the review of the application. This is the best person to contact for additional information about the application’s status. In addition this individual can provide project specific information on how to request a public hearing or meeting, and how to participate in the public process. If a hearing or meeting has already been scheduled, the contact person is the best source of information on meeting location and dates. The phone number and email address are provided to facilitate contacting the person.

Status: This phrase briefly describes where the application is in the review process. Typical program entries include: Application under review; Awaiting information or Technical information requested; Application noticed for comment; Draft permit issued; Draft permit on notice; and Final permit issued. “Awaiting information or Technical information requested” means that the program staff has reviewed the application and determined that additional information is needed to achieve a complete application. The applicant or their representative has been requested to submit that information.

Important dates: These are key dates of application review process steps. Actions that may show corresponding dates include: Application received; Application technically complete; Application comment period (where applicable); Draft permit comment period; Public meeting date; Final Action; and Appeal Period end date. The ENB automatically calculates when the appeal period ends based on the final issuance date.


There are currently three links to other sources of information related to the permit type. The program’s division name links to the main division web page. This page provides information about all the divisions’ programs, information and services. The program name links to the specific program information within the division web page. The permit handbook sheet links to more program specific information. The latter two sites will give information about the specific program including access to application forms and general descriptions of how to request hearings and meetings. Additional information specific to the project application is best requested directly from the staff contact person.












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