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Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program History


Executive Order No. 15-91

[Recognition and Encouragement of Vermont Minority/Women Business Enterprises Partnership]

WHEREAS, the Vermont Minority/Women Business Enterprises Partnership was mandated to develop a plan to facilitate equal access and maximum opportunity to participate in state contracting procedures for Minority/Women Business Enterprises (M/WBEs) and to ensure nondiscrimination in state contracting programs; and

WHEREAS, the plan presented by the Partnership is the result of deliberations that included consideration of the methods for collecting statewide data and certifying M/WBEs; and

WHEREAS, the plan addressed the provision of technical assistance and outreach programs to broaden the participation of these enterprises in the state's contracting process; and

WHEREAS, through consultation with technical experts, both in and out of government, the implementation plan is achievable within existing resources of State Agencies and Departments;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT I, Howard Dean, M.D., by virtue of the power vested in me as Governor, do hereby order the following actions:

  1. Agencies and Departments of state government shall adopt and implement the following policy:
  2. The State of Vermont recognizes the important contributions and vital impact which small businesses have on the state's economy. In this regard, the state prescribes to a free and open bidding process that affords all businesses equal access and opportunity to compete for state contracts for goods and services. The state also recognizes the existence of businesses owned by minorities and women and directs all state agencies and departments to make a good faith effort to encourage these firms to compete for state contracts.

  3. The Agency of Development and Community Affairs using existing staff will act as liaison to minority/women businesses.
  4. Data on women and minority businesses will be integrated into the state's vendor list and into the list of awarded contracts.
  5. The Purchasing Department will provide outreach to M/WBEs by conducting seminars on "Contracting with State Government."

Dated December 11, 1991

Editor's Note: The reference to the Purchasing Department in the paragraph of this order designated as 4 should be a reference to the Department of General Services in view of the abolition of the Division of Purchasing, Agency of Administration and the transfer of the duties, responsibilities and authority of that division to the Department of General Services by Executive Order No. 35-87, which took effect on July 1, 1987 and is set out in this chapter.

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