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Construction Section
Project Front End Documents


On this page you will find Front End Documents for the preparation of the contract specifications. All of the documents are in Microsoft Office Word format. These documents are intended primarily for the use of Project Owners and their Engineers.

When using these documents keep in mind:

 1) The user of the documents is not to change the forms in any way except filling in the blanks, including type size, font, headers, footers, margins, etc. If anything is changed, when the documents are submitted for review they may be rejected and have to be resubmitted. It makes review of the documents quicker if we know that there have been no changes to our forms. If there are any errors or omissions found in these files, the user is not authorized to make changes without contacting Roger Bergeron, Robert Pelosi or Don Haddox of the Construction Section at the Facilities Engineering Division.

 2) The use of the documents is for the project owner's protection. For any projects funded in whole or in part by the State of Vermont, one of these sets must be used as part of the Front End Documents of the Specifications.

 3) No project or contract is authorized to go to bid until the Facilities Engineering Division has reviewed and approved the documents (that includes the Front End Documents, specifications, and plans). A project that goes to bid without prior approval may place the owner at risk of losing some or all of the State/EPA participation in the funding. There are stringent Federal requirements that are attached to the funding, and these documents are intended to meet those requirements, including the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program.

If you have any questions, please contact:


Roger Bergeron

Construction Chief

(802) 760-8135 (cell)

Don Haddox

Construction Engineer


(802) 760-0370 (cell)










(rev 3/2014)

CS Set 1 is for State Revolving Fund and EPA projects generally over $250,000.00. Usually the State of VT is the only funding source. Rural Development does not participate in this set of documents. This is used for both water, wastewater and stormwater projects, including facilities, pump stations, and pipe lines. (SIGN Insert)


(rev 3/2014)

CS Set 5 is for smaller projects that are to be funded by the State of VT. The key for this set is that the project must be less than $250,000, or the project may slightly exceed the $250,000 but must be a simple project, ie. upgrading one pump station, a short run of pipe line, purchasing a piece of equipment and the installation. If the contract will exceed $250,000, the owner must request permission from this office to use this set of documents. 


(rev 3/2014)

CS Set 6 is for projects under $100,000.00 that are to be funded by the State of VT as Small Purchase Procurements. The use of these documents for procurement of goods and services must be approved by the FED Construction Engineer.


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