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Construction Bid Tabs - Municipal Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Projects


Bid Information Table

The following Bid Information Table is a sortable document that includes the advertisement date, pre-bid meeting date, bid opening date, name of the project owner, name of the engineer and the engineering firm, the project contract number and description, the award amount and the date of the contract award. All bids that had an advertisement date in 2010 and were later awarded are included in this table.

Bid Information Table for 2010 Updated 11/21/2012

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2010 Bid Tabs

The following are the PDF versions of the bid tabs for all awarded projects in 2010. They have been provided by the noted engineering consultant firms. For further information, you should contact the noted project engineer directly.If you have questions about bid tabs posted on this page, please contact Roger Bergeron

  Brattleboro, RF1-127, Contract #2, Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade

  Castleton Fire District #1, RF3-255, Contract #3, Water Storage Tank and Related Construction

  Catamount/Bolton Water and Sewer, LLC, RF3-137, Small Purchase #4, Well 4 and 4A Improvements

  Hartford (Quechee), AR1-041, Contract #3, Hartford-Quechee Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade

  Middlesex Town School District, AR3-015, Small Purchase #1, Water System Improvements

  Randolph Town, RF3-241, Contract #1, Route 66 Water Main and Booster Pump Station Upgrade

  Shelburne, AR1-062, Contract #1, I/I Mitigation Structural Repairs in Wastewater Collection System

  Sheldon, RF3-224, Contract #1, Interconnection Transmission Main

  Sheldon, RF3-224, Contract #2, Water Storage Tank and Transmission Main

  Sheldon, RF3-224, Contract #3, New Booster Pump Station

  Springfield, RF3-240, Contract #A-2, Distribution System Pressure Zone Improvements

  Springfield, RF3-240, Contract #D, SCADA

  Springfield, RF3-240, Contract #F, Black River Water Main Crossing

  Tara Townhouse Owner's Association, Inc., RF3-213, Contract #1, Water System Improvements

  Thetford Water Cooperative, RF3-248, Contract #1, Water System Upgrade

  Waitsfield, EM-96127701, Contract #1, Water Distribution

  Waitsfield, EM-96127701, Contract #2, Water Transmission Main

  Waitsfield, EM-96127701, Contract #3, Water Storage Tanks

  Waitsfield, EM-96127701, Contract #4, Transmission Main

  Waitsfield, EM-96127701, Contract #5, Wellhouse


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