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Photogallery 13 - Craftsbury (2010), Charlotte (2009), and slate

Click on thumbnail for larger image

Conglomerate layers in Waits River Fm. phyllite, Craftsbury (2-2010)

Conglomerate layers in Waits River Fm. phyllite, Craftsbury (2-2010)

Devonian Waits River Fm. sandy marble (top of picture) and conglomerate (base of picture); marble deformed by F3 folds, stretching lineation parallel to fold axis, Craftsbury (2-2010)

Conglomerate layers in Waits River Fm. phyllite, some clasts are stretched down dip, parallel to the F3 fold axis, Craftsbury (2-2010)

Conglomerate layers in Waits River Fm. phyllite, Craftsbury (2-2010)

F3 (1st generation Acadian folds) and S3 axial planar foliation, Devonian Waits River Fm., Craftsbury (2-2010)

F3 (1st generation Acadian folds), S3, and S4, Devonian Waits River Fm., Craftsbury (2-2010)

Looking across Route 14 valley in Craftsbury (3 - 2010)

Dense, fine sand -matrix glacial (Pleistocene) till, Wild branch, Craftsbury (3-2010)

Dropstone in lacustrine sediment, Craftsbury (3 -2010)

Quartz veins, Craftsbury (1-2010)

Ripple drift cross-lamination in Pleistocene lacustrine deposit, Craftsbury (3 -2010)

Lacustrine sediment (Pleistocene), Craftsbury (3-2010)

A. Ice-contact sand and gravel deposit (likely esker) Craftsbury (3-2010)

B. Close-up of pebbly sand and gravel in previous picture, Craftsbury (3-2010)

Looking north over the Black River valley from the Millet Pit, Craftsbury (3-2010)

Holocene (modern) alluvium along eroding bank of the Wild Branch, Craftsbury (3-2010)

Holocene (modeern) silty fine sand over bank deposit overlying coarse pebbly gravel channel deposit, Craftsbury (3-2010)

A. Bedding and F3 folds, Waits River Fm., Craftsbury (2-2010)
See next photo for a picture from the same sample taken at right angle to the F3 fold axis...

B. Bedding, S3 and S4/F4 crenulate cleavage, Craftsbury (2-2010)

F4 (2nd generation Acadian folds) and S4 crenulate cleavage axial planar to those folds, Craftsbury (2-2010)

Charlotte ferry dock, underwater, May 20, 2011 (1)
Red slate, Fair Haven (1-2013)
mottled slate
Mottled slate, Fair Haven (1 -2013)

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Photo credits: (1) M. Gale; (2) J. Kim; (3) G. Springston; (4) P. Thompson

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