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Links, Books and Places to Visit

Featured links for February 2016:

National Park Service's Education Web Site with lots of Earth Science Information
View the seismic data stations in Vermont through IRIS's Google Map Services:
hhmi BioInteractive - free science educational information includes lectures, short courses, videos, posters, EarthViewerApp and more
Water Quality in Principal Aquifers of the United States, 1991-2010: USGS Circular 1360
USGS GeoHealth newsletter - human and environmental health issues
American Geosciences Institute Critcial Issues Program
NASA Image of the Day

Vermont Geology Sites

College and University Sites:
New England Intercollegiate Geologic Conference (NEIGC)
Perkins Geology Museum at UVM
University of Vermont Geology Dept.
NEIGC Guidebooks: online through UNH Library’s Digital Collections
List of Current Earthquake Activity
Why Does the Earth Quake in New England?
IRIS - Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
Seismic Stations in Vermont (IRIS)
Earthquake Facts and Earthquake Fantasy (USGS)
General Vermont Geology:
Generalized geologic maps of Vermont (12 maps)
Geology of Vermont, Barry Doolan, 1996 (7.4 mb pdf)
Geology of the Champlain Valley
Wetland, Woodland and Wildland by E. Thompson and E. Sorenson

MAPS & Other Information
Historic USGS topographic maps for New England states
The 3D Elevation Program Summary for Vermont (USGS)
Old Maps of Vermont - 1850s county maps (commercial site)
Geological Maps of the Taconics and the N. Appalachians from SUNY Albany
Bedrock Geologic Map of New Hampshire, 1997
Natural Resources Atlas, ANR's interactive map

Mineral, Soils and other data:
USGS National Geochemical Survey Database
Private Water Well Data for State of Vermont
Stone Quarries and Beyond
USGS Mineral Resource Data
USGS Geophysical, Geochemical and Mineral Data Sets
Vermont Soils Information

Burlington Gem and Mineral Club Homepage
Photographs of Minerals at Belvidere Mountain
Slate Valley Museum
Vermont Center for Geographic Information
Vermont Geological Society

National Databases:
National Geologic Map Database, USGS
USGS Photo Library
National Geothermal Datasystem (NGDS)
USGS ScienceBase Catalog


Favorite Internet Sites

Dinosaurs and Paleontology:
UCMP at Berkeley (paleontology museum/site)

US Dept. of Energy
DOE Geothermal Technologies Site
The Future of Geothermal Energy (14.1 mb pdf), MIT, 2006
Geologic Time
Divisions of Geologic Time - Major Chronostratigraphic and Geochronologic Units, USGS Fact Sheet 2007-3015 (170kb pdf file)
Smithsonian Institute Geologic Time

Geology and Art:
Geology as Art - interpreting geologic map patterns
Earth Exposures - photography and cross-sections (commercial site)
Earth As Art - beautiful Landsat 7 satellite views

Rocks, Minerals & Field and Microscopic Identification:
Atlas of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks, Minerals and textures, UNC

Virtual Field Trips:
National Park Service Tour
USGS Ground-Water Resources Homepage
Living in Harmony with Streams, A Citizens Handbook to How Streams Work
NASA GRACE Program - Groundwater and soil moisture drought indicators
US Dept. of Labor Job Outlook
Skills for Geoscientists ( from AAPG, 2002)
Les Kanat's page at JSC has links to research opportunities and jobs
Other Sites to Visit:
The Blue Marble, next generation - global images from NASA
Earth Science World Image Bank
Earth Science Picture of the Day
Understanding Evolution

Other Sites to Visit:
GeoLex (names) Database
American Meteor Society to report fireballs, see recent reports etc or check out or the Utah Geological Survey meteorite identification page.


National Organizations/Government


Generalized Geologic 
	Map of Vermont - 1970 - click for larger map image

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