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Surficial Geology and Hydrogeology of Dover, Vermont

by John Van Hoesen, 2011
Vermont Geological Survey Open File Reports VG11-1 and VG11-1b ; Click here for GIS data.
Click on maps to view full scale pdf.

Surficial Geologic Map of the Town of Dover, VT


Bedrock Geology, VG11-1b, Plate 1

Bedrock Recharge Potential, VG11-1b, Plate 2

Hydrogeologic Units, VG11-1b, Plate 3

Piezometric Surface, VG11-1b, Plate 4

Depth to Bedrock, VG11-1b, Plate 5

Shallow Aquifer Recharge, VG11-1b,
Plate 6

View from a thick till area looking south to thin till on Mt. Snow.

Bedrock Topography, VG11-1b, Plate 7
Illustrated Report:
Surficial Geology and Hydrogeology of Dover, Vermont by John Van Hoesen, 2011

NEW - Take a Geotour courtesy of John Van Hoesen and his students at Green Mtn. College

Till, Dover, VT ( J. VanHoesen, 2010)


Generalized Geologic 
	Map of Vermont - 1970 - click for larger map image

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