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Bedrock Geology of the Montpelier Quadrangle, 2004

Detailed bedrock geologic mapping was conducted in the Montpelier Quadrangle during the summers of 2002-2003 by the VT Geological Survey (Kim and Gale) and
students from the University of Vermont (King and Pascale) and Middlebury College (Orsi). Pascale, Orsi, Kim, and Klepeis (UVM) conducted
additional analyses and presented the results as a poster at NEGSA in 2004. The table below includes figures and text from the poster by Pascale,
Click here to view the bedrock map of the Montpelier quadrangle.
Click here to view a poster of ductile structures by Kim and Gale. Click on the images below to enlarge.

Orthophoto mosaic of the Montpelier
quadrangle with photolineaments identified
through stereoscopic analysis.

NNE trending photolinears are parallel to major lithologic contacts such as the Richardson Memorial Conact (RMC) - a major unconformity separating Pre-Silurian from Silurian-Devonian rocks. These photolinears appear as a series of distinct ridges and valleys/wetlands near the RMC that become progressively less abundant as one moves away from the RMC.

A series of east-west trending stream valleys and ridges on the western slope of Long Meadow Hill comprise a set of prominent photolinears that are parallel to a dominant fracture set in the area. Similarly, NW-SE trending ridges and valleys are found throughout the quadrangle and are likely related to a strong NW-SE trending fracture set. Some linear segments of the Winooski River are also thought tobe fracture-controlled.

3D TIN of the Montpelier quadrangle

Comparison of photolineaments and
bedrock structures.

Comparison of water well yields east
and west of the RMC.

Orientation of dikes in Vermont.

Representative lithologies

Metasedimentary and metaigneous rocks of the Montpelier Quadrangle are
Pre-Silurian to the northwest (Moretown and Cram Hill Formations) and
Silurian and Devonian to the southeast (Shaw Mountain, Northfield and
Waits River Formations).

Correlation of fracture data in the Montpelier and
Colchester quadrangles.


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