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Inorganic Chemistry

The inorganic chemistry lab performs a wide variety of analysis used in water quality and wastewater monitoring. Tests are performed using both automated and non automated analytical methods. Analyses performed in this lab are used for diagnostic water quality studies, verification of wastewater treatment plant permit requirements, landfill assessments and air pollution studies. Chlorophyll, alkalinity and total suspended solids are examples of non automated tests, which are used in long term water quality studies. Biological oxygen demand and total suspended solids are key parameters used in the Department oversite of wastewater treatment plant permits.

This lab uses automated colorimetric and ion chromatographic techniques to support many of the Department's long term monitoring studies. Since Vermont's economy has a large agricultural component, monitoring our waterways for nitrates, nitrites and phosphorus is critical. These three nutrients are huge components of agricultural runoff and can spell disaster for aquatic ecosystems if they are present in high concentrations.


Contacts: Dan McAvinney , Megan Phillips




University of Vermont Hills Building - D.E.C. Laboratory  105 Carrigan Drive  Burlington, VT 05405


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