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This list Includes references not only to programs within the Department of Environmental Conservation, but to programs as well as other Agency departments and programs.

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Above-ground storage tanks
Access Areas
Acid Rain

Air Quality
Forest Health
Water Quality

Act 250

Agency (ANR) review & Act 250 database
General information - The Vermont Natural Resources Board

Air monitoring
Air pollution control permits
Air toxics
Annual Environment Reports 1997-2003 with topic index
Aquatic nuisance species

ARRA Loan Information for both CWSRF and DWSRF Projects
Asbestos - Vermont Asbesto Group (VAG) Mine
Awards - Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence in Pollution Prevention

Basin planning
Batteries, disposal of
Beaver dams
Better Backroads
Bottled water
Brownfields, RCPP and Redevelopment
Burning trash

Permitted incinerators

Business Compliance Assistance
Business Environmental Partnership

Campgrounds, State Parks


Percolation testing
Public water system operators
Solid waste facilities
Wastewater treatment facility

Ecosystem Restoration Program
Climate Change - VT ANR Climate Change Web Site
Communications towers, on mountaintops
Compliance & Enforcement Division

Report Environmental Violations
Spills and Hazardous Spill Hotline
Drinking Water Systems - energency contact information
Professional Engineers Exiting ANR web site
Utilities Exiting ANR web site

Composting Vermont Composting Resource Site
Computer Systems
Construction General Permit for stormwater runoff
Contact Information for DEC
Current use

Forestry related

Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae)

Deformed frogs
Depth charts
"Didymo" invasive algae, a.k.a. "rock snot", Didymosphenia geminata

Discharge permit


Drinking water quality

Private water systems
Public water systems

Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division

Ecosystem Restoration Program


Project Learning Tree
Project WET
Project WILD
ANR Students & Teachers page

Employment Opportunities Exiting ANR web site
Emergency Reporting

Drinking Water Systems - emergency contact information
Hazardous Spill Hotline
Report Environmental Violations

Endangered Species
Enforcement, Compliance & Enforcement Division
Environment Report 2011 - Resilience: A Report on the Health of Vermont's Environment
Environment Annual Reports 1997-2003 with topic index
Environmental Board
Environmental Court
Environmental Enforcement Officers - Compliance & Enforcement Division
Environmental Laboratory, DEC
Environmental Notice Bulletin -
weekly listing of status of active permits
Environmental Violations - Reporting
Eurasian watermilfoil

Fish hatcheries
Fishing licenses
Fish sampling and metrics
Flood hazard management
Forest fire wardens
Forest issues
Frogs, malformed frogs, biomonitoring and aquatic studies
Fuel oil storage/spills and Hazardous Spill Hotline

Game Wardens
Gasoline storage/spills and Hazardous Spill Hotline
Geographic Information Systems/Mapping (GIS) and ANR Internet Mapping Site
Geological Survey
Geomorphic assessment
Gold Sluicing (Mineral Prospecting)
Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence in Pollution Prevention
Grant and Loan Programs - DEC
Gravel removal and prospecting
Green Hotels in the Green Mountain State
Gun safety

Hazardous household substances
Hazardous waste
Hazardous Spills, general, and Hazardous Spills, emergency reporting

Health of VT's Environment 2011 - Resilience: A Report on the Health of Vermont's Environment
Hotels - Green Hotels in the Green Mountain State
Hunter safety courses
Hydric soils
Hydroelectric Power
Hydrophytic vegetation

Indirect discharge permits
Indirect source permit, air
Information Systems
Internships at ANR

Junkyards (Salvage Yards)

Auto Salvage Yard Environmental Resource Center
AOT Permit & Information from VT Permit Handbook
Auto Salvage Yards Best Management Practices (PDF) from EAD's SBCAP
Solid Waste Information

Laboratory, DEC Environmental Laboratory
Lake and watershed protection
Lake Champlain Basin Program
Lake Champlain phosphorus TMDL
Lake Champlain Monitoring
Lake Water Quality Summary Reports
Lakes, general information, managment, monitoring
Land acquisition
Land Use Panel - Natural Resources Board
Macroinvertebrates sampling, processing and metrics
Loan and Grant Programs - DEC
Low-level radioactive waste

Lay Monitoring Program
Maps - Summary Page

GIS - ANR GIS Internet Mapping Site
State Parks
Geology - Vermont Geological Survey -
variety of maps
      Geology Maps-Online
      Topographic maps
Wildlife Management AREA Maps
Wildlife Management UNIT Maps

Mercury-Added Product Labeling
Mercury - Vermont Web Site mercvt.org and Water Quality & Mercury
Milfoil (Eurasian watermilfoil)
Mines and Quarries, Rock and Mineral
Mobile home parks

Water supply

Mobile source emissions
Mountaintop communications towers
Municipal Compliance Assistance
Municipal sewage ordinance
Municipal water supply

Natural Resources - Agency of Natural Resources Home Page
Natural Resources Board
Nongame and Natural Heritage Program

On-site sewage disposal
Operating permits

Water supply

Out of The Blue newsletter

Permit Specialists
Permit Information Summary Page includes:

Individual Permit Listings
Permit Handbook
Permit Specialists
Environmental Notice Bulletin
DEC Rules and Regulations Summary Chart
Links to Act 250 information

Petroleum Cleanup Fund
Planning - DEC Strategic Plan
Planning, Land Use
Pollution Prevention
Pond information
Poultney - Mettowee Watershed Planning
Press Releases
Project WET
Purple loosestrife

Quarries and Mines, Rock and Mineral

Radioactive Waste
Radioactivity - naturally occurring in rocks, soil and water
RCPP and Redevelopment, Brownfields

Resilience - 2011 - Resilience: A Report on the Health of Vermont's Environment
River management, protection, restoration
Rock crushing/quarrying & Air Quality - permit information
Rock & Mineral Quarries and Mines
Rules and Regulations Summary - DEC

Salvage Yards

Salvage Yard Information
Auto Salvage Yards Best Management Practices (PDF) from EAD's SBCAP
How to Report an Environmental Violation

Search the DEC web site
Septic systems
Sewage treatment plant operators
Shoreland encroachment
Shoreland Permit Program
Sludge/septage disposal
Spills, hazardous, general, and Spills, hazardous, emergency reporting
Staff Contact Information for DEC
Storage tanks, underground and above ground
Stormwater permits
Stormwater management
Strategic Plan - DEC
Stream alterations
Stream crossing information
(Vermont) Surface Water Management Strategy

Timber and fuel wood sales
Tires, disposal of
TMDL (total maximum daily load)
Toxic waste

Using less



Underground storage tanks
Urban and Community Forestry

Vermont Ecosystem Restoration Program
Vernal pools
Violations, Reporting Environmental Violations

Waste reduction
Wastewater treatment plant operators
Water - drinking water quality, private systems
Water - drinking water quality, public systems
Water chestnut
Water pollution
Water Quality - rivers, lakes, wetlands
Water Resources Board
Water Resources Panel - Natural Resources Board
Watershed grants
Watershed planning
Watershed surveys
Water - radioactivity naturally occurring in rocks, soil and water
White River basin plan

Zebra mussels


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