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Salvage Yards


Dear Salvage Yard Owner,

In 2013 the Salvage Yard Program was transferred to the Waste Management and Prevention Division (WMPD). 2014 will be the first year that Certificates of Registration (COR) will be issued by WMPD. As part of the 2014 COR process, we are requesting site maps in addition to the application form and fee.
We are currently drafting Salvage Yard rules and maps will be a requirement for both permit renewals and new applications. The new rules will not likely be in effect before the end of most salvage yard permits, but we are making this request in anticipation of this requirement. If a salvage yard has already submitted site maps, and no changes have been made to the salvage yard operations or acreage, a permit renewal can simply refer to maps previously filed.
Please submit maps that meet the following criteria:
A current site map of the salvage yard that clearly defines the boundaries of the salvage yard facility, and that is of a sufficient dimension in size to clearly indicate the following:



        1. The physical (911) address of the salvage yard facility;
        2. The size (expressed in acres) of the salvage yard facility;
        3. The location of all buildings on the salvage yard site, and the use of the buildings;
        4. All existing or proposed fencing, gates, and entrances to the salvage yard facility;
        5. The location and approximate dimensions (expressed in feet) of any area used or proposed to be used for vehicle or scrap metal storage, vehicle dismantling, vehicle crushing, and vehicle fluid storage;
        6. The location and approximate dimensions, expressed in cubic feet (length by width by height), of any area used or proposed to be used for tire storage;
        7. The approximate distance (expressed in feet) from and location relative to the outer boundaries of the salvage yard facility of any town roads, highways, interstate or primary highways; and
        8. The location of any waters, wetlands, or other wet areas within the salvage yard boundary, as well as the approximate location and distance (expressed in feet) of any known waters, wetlands, or other wet areas located with 100 feet of the outer boundary of the salvage yard facility



Please click here for an example of site maps that VTDEC created using readily available Microsoft software. Another alternative for generating maps is to use current or recent satellite imagery to mark up showing the items listed above”

A new draft of the Salvage Yard Rule is underway and will be available for public comment. Check back here, or call program staff for updates.



The VT Salvage Yard Program is responsible for the implementation of Vermont Statues pertaining to the operation of salvage yards. The program is charged with:

  • Registration and permitting of salvage yards,
  • Development of rules governing salvage yards,
  • Development and provision of best management practices and other training materials to ensure salvage yards operate in a manner protective of Vermont citizens and the environment.

We will be adding content over the next few months!



Program staff:

Shawn Donovan: 522-5683
Marc Roy: 522-0275

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To find out about spills reported at salvage yards, or salvage yards as hazardous waste sites.




VT DEC Waste Management & Prevention Division 1 National Life Drive - Davis 1  Montpelier, VT  05620-3704  Tele: 802-828-1138   Fax: 802-828-1011


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