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Salvage Yards

The Vermont Salvage Yard Program is responsible for the implementation of Vermont Statues pertaining to the operation of salvage yards. The program is also charged with:

  • Registration and permitting of salvage yards,
  • Development of rules governing salvage yards,
  • Development and provision of best management practices and other training materials to ensure salvage yards operate in a manner protective of Vermont citizens and the environment.

FINAL Salvage Yard Rule Effective 9/1/2015 

As required by legislative statute, the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources generated a Rule that establish procedures and standards to protect human health and the environment by ensuring the safe, proper, and sustainable operation of salvage yards in Vermont. The Salvage Yard Rule was approved by the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules and will be effective on 9/1/2015, we have posted the FINAL Rule on this web page at top of the "What's New" links in the upper right hand side or by clicking HERE To ACCESS THE FINAL RULE.


Salvage Yard Owner/Operator Meeting Presentations

In November 2014 The Vermont Salvage Yard Program conducted a series of meetings with salvage yard owners/operators throughout the State. Please use the links below or in the "What's New" tool bar on the right hand side of this page to access the power point presentations that were shown during the meetings.

Click HERE for a link to the slide show related to the progression of the salvage yard program since it was transferred to the Waste Management and Prevention Division in July, 2013. This presentation provides an overview of where we were, where we are now and where how we plan to operate the program into the future.

Click HERE for a link to the slide show covering the basis and guidelines set forth in the current Draft Salvage Yard Rule. This draft rule was thoroughly discussed during the meetings and we received a number of comments from industry leaders, at this time we are still in the informal rule making process and we will continue to accept comments regarding the draft rule. Once we receive and evaluate comments we will then re-draft the rule and begin the rule making process which will involve ANR and legislative review.


*As we continue to develop Vermont Salvage Yard Propgram we will be updating this webpage with more content and resources, please continue to check our site and provide the program staff with suggestions and comments.


Program staff:.

Shawn Donovan: 522-5683 or Shawn.donovan@state.vt.us
Marc Roy: 522-0275
or Marc.roy@state.vt.us

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To find out about spills reported at salvage yards, or salvage yards as hazardous waste sites.




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