Hazardous Waste Sites - Help

Welcome to the hazardous waste site help page.  The hazardous waste site form is designed to allow users to reference up to date site information of both active an inactive hazardous waste sites in Vermont.  Simply enter your search criteria in one or more of the fields, select whether you would like to search “Active”, “Inactive”, or “All Sites”, then click the [Search] button.

After you click the search button, all sites matching your criteria will appear in alphabetical order, by site name, in the table below. To access site information click the “View” button at the left side of each record.

The site information page displays information regarding activities at the hazardous waste site (definitions for site attributes are provided below). To request additional information that is not displayed, contact the site manager by email (please include the site number in the subject line). Additionally, you may view the site documents by clicking the “Available Documents” link and view the site location and produce a map by clicking the “View Map” link.


Term Definition
Site Name The name assigned to the hazardous waste site
Address The address (if available) at which the site resides
Site Town The town in which the site resides
Site Use The type of land use for which the site is being utilized
Site # The internal reference number assigned to a release once it becomes a hazardous waste site
DEC Manager The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation manager for the site

The designation assigned to denote the hazard level or closure conditions

HIGH - Sites with sensitive receptors that are affected with contamination
MED - Sites with sensitive receptors that are threatened by contamination
LOW - Sites with with contamination to soils or groundwater, but no effect on sensitive receptors


COC - Certificate of Completion (Brownfields)
NFAP - No Further Action Planned
NFRAP - No Further Remedial Action Planned
SMAC - Site Management Activities Completed

Sensitive Receptor: Areas which may be affected by a release of a hazardous material. These may include public or private water supplies; surface waters; wetlands; sensitive ecological areas; outdoor or indoor air; and enclosed spaces such as basements, sewers and utilty corridors.

Site Status The type of program in which the site is currently enrolled
Project Status Provides a brief historical description of past events at the site and current or future phases of investigation or remediation
Source of Contamination The type of system involved in releasing the contaminants to the environment (ex. UST - Underground Storage Tank)
Contaminant The type of contaminant released to the environment
Institutional Control Restrictions placed on the property in order to prevent further exposure to human health or the environment
Site Closure Date The date in which site closure was issued and removed from the active hazardous waste sites list
Record Last Updated The date in which the DEC manager for the site last edited the database record shown

A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet containing all hazardous waste sites may also be download by clicking on the "Export All HazSite Data to Excel " link at the bottom of the page. Additionally, the results recieved based on user serach criteria may also be downloaded by clicking on the "Export Results to Excel" link that is located at the bottom of the page.